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Re: [opensuse-factory] YaST: highlights of development sprint 71 and 72

On 06/03/2019 03:36, Bjoern Voigt wrote:
Richard Brown wrote:
So for topics like this, we'd recommend using this mailinglist, or
maybe more specific lists when they exist (eg. opensuse-kubic@,
yast-devel@, etc) for any discussions needed to refine a feature idea.

I do not think, that mailing lists are the best place for feature
requests. Many feature requests have the characteristic that some users
are interested in a feature including some community or paid developers
which have the skills to realize such a feature, but all are waiting for
proposals, opinions, supporters and decisions. And of course time is
always a limitation. So even developers with the skills can not start
directly with implementing features.

Mailing list discussions about features often stop after some days or
end with some trouble. For instance the discussion about old Linux
kernels for the Leap distributions in this mailing list ended in some
trouble. Many users argued that they want to have newer kernels because
they are interested to install and run openSUSE Leap on new hardware and
SUSE employees argued that this is too costly and so impossible (at
least for openSUSE; it works for Ubuntu). If I want to come back on this
discussion I have to search the mailing list archive to have a link for
this discussion and I have to start again in the mailing list. It would
be much better, if we had a ticket for this user request and everyone,
who is interested can subscribe the ticket.

From a professional developer perspective it would be nice to have
features known from Github or Atlassian Jira also for the openSUSE
community. Bugzilla is not bad to normal bugs, but Github, Jira and
other modern platforms have much more useful features e.g. to process
feature requests.

In almost all cases these days the code will come from an upstream with such tools that can be used for feature tracking. Something like changing the kernel version in Leap is very rare and for now the ways for discussing it are either the mailinglist or openSUSE's bugzilla, whether we could / should replace openSUSE's bugzilla instance with something "better" is a discussion for another day but potentially a day that is not too far of in the grand scheme of things.


Simon Lees (Simotek)

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