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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20180831 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
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Packages changed:
goffice (0.10.41 -> 0.10.43)
perl-Cpanel-JSON-XS (4.04 -> 4.06)
perl-Module-Signature (0.82 -> 0.83)
perl-Net-Netmask (1.9103 -> 1.9104)
python-python-dateutil (2.6.1 -> 2.7.3)
ucode-intel (20180807 -> 20180807a)
yast2-journal (4.1.1 -> 4.1.2)

=== Details ===

==== dpdk ====

- Fixed a syntax error affecting csh environment configuration(bsc#1102310)

==== goffice ====
Version update (0.10.41 -> 0.10.43)
Subpackages: goffice-lang libgoffice-0_10-10

- Update to version 0.10.43:
+ No changes, version bump only.
- Update to version 0.10.42:
+ Fix box plots when only outliers lie outside of the box.
+ Introspection fixes.
+ Improve file saver api.
+ Avoid hash order dependency for plugins.
+ dtoa: ensure fpu rounding mode here.
+ Test fixes.

==== perl-Cpanel-JSON-XS ====
Version update (4.04 -> 4.06)

- updated to 4.06
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Cpanel-JSON-XS/Changes
4.06 2018-08-22 (rurban)
- Fix overloaded eq/ne comparisons (GH #116 by demerphq, GH #117 by Graham
detect strings, protect from endless recursion. false is now ne "True".
clarify eq/ne rules in the docs.
- updated to 4.05
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Cpanel-JSON-XS/Changes
4.05 2018-08-19 (rurban)
- Set decoded type (PR #115 by Pali)
- Add json_type_weaken (PR #114 by Pali)
- Fix tests for 5.6 (rurban, pali)

==== perl-Module-Signature ====
Version update (0.82 -> 0.83)

- updated to 0.83
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Module-Signature/Changes
[Changes for 0.83 - Wed Aug 29 17:33:12 JST 2018]
* Update META.yml.

==== perl-Net-Netmask ====
Version update (1.9103 -> 1.9104)

- updated to 1.9104
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Net-Netmask/Changes

==== python-ply ====
Subpackages: python2-ply python3-ply

- Install some license
- Remove devel dependency

==== python-pycurl ====
Subpackages: python2-pycurl python3-pycurl

- Add patch to match up Fedora on how we detect tls backend on runtime
* python-pycurl-7.43.0-tls-backend.patch
- Make sure we build on Leap 42.3

==== python-python-dateutil ====
Version update (2.6.1 -> 2.7.3)
Subpackages: python2-python-dateutil python3-python-dateutil

- Update to version 2.7.3
* Update tzdata to 2018e. (gh pr #710)
* Fixed an issue where decimal.Decimal would cast `NaN` or infinite value in a
parser.parse, which will raise decimal.Decimal-specific errors. Reported and
fixed by @amureki (gh issue #662, gh pr #679).
* Fixed a ValueError being thrown if tzinfos call explicity returns ``None``.
Reported by @pganssle (gh issue #661) Fixed by @parsethis (gh pr #681)
* Fixed incorrect parsing of certain dates earlier than 100 AD when repesented
in the form "%B.%Y.%d", e.g. "December.0031.30". (gh issue #687, pr #700)
* Fixed a bug where automatically generated DTSTART was naive even if a
specified UNTIL had a time zone. Automatically generated DTSTART will now
take on the timezone of an UNTIL date, if provided. Reported by @href (gh
issue #652). Fixed by @absreim (gh pr #693).
* Corrected link syntax and updated URL to https for ISO year week number
notation in relativedelta examples. (gh issue #670, pr #711)
* Add doctest examples to tzfile documentation. Done by @weatherpattern and
@pganssle (gh pr #671)
* Updated the documentation for relativedelta. Removed references to tuple
arguments for weekday, explained effect of weekday(_, 1) and better
the order of operations that relativedelta applies. Fixed by @kvn219
@huangy22 and @ElliotJH (gh pr #673)
* Added changelog to documentation. (gh issue #692, gh pr #707)
* Changed order of keywords in rrule docstring. Reported and fixed by
@rmahajan14 (gh issue #686, gh pr #695).
* Added documentation for ````. Reported by @pganssle (gh
issue #647). Fixed by @weatherpattern (gh pr #704)
* Cleaned up malformed RST in the ``tz`` documentation. (gh issue #702, gh pr
* Changed the default theme to sphinx_rtd_theme, and changed the sphinx
configuration to go along with that. (gh pr #707)
* Reorganized ```` documentation and fixed issue with the
```` docstring. (gh pr #714)
- Update to version 2.7.2
* Fixed an issue with the setup script running in non-UTF-8 environment.
Reported and fixed by @gergondet (gh pr #651)
- Update to version 2.7.1
* Updated tzdata version to 2018d.
* Fixed issue where parser.parse would occasionally raise
decimal.Decimal-specific error types rather than ValueError. Reported by
@amureki (gh issue #632). Fixed by @pganssle (gh pr #636).
* Improve error message when rrule's dtstart and until are not both naive or
both aware. Reported and fixed by @ryanpetrello (gh issue #633, gh pr #634)
- Update to version 2.7.0
* Dropped support for Python 2.6 (gh pr #362 by @jdufresne)
* Dropped support for Python 3.2 (gh pr #626)
* Updated zoneinfo file to 2018c (gh pr #616)
* Changed licensing scheme so all new contributions are dual licensed under
Apache 2.0 and BSD. (gh pr #542, issue #496)
* Added __all__ variable to the root package. Reported by @tebriel
(gh issue #406), fixed by @mariocj89 (gh pr #494)
* Added python_requires to so that pip will distribute the right
version of dateutil. Fixed by @jakec-github (gh issue #537, pr #552)
* Added the utils submodule, for miscellaneous utilities.
* Added within_delta function to utils - added by @justanr (gh issue #432,
gh pr #437)
* Added today function to utils (gh pr #474)
* Added default_tzinfo function to utils (gh pr #475), solving an issue
reported by @nealmcb (gh issue #94)
* Added dedicated ISO 8601 parsing function isoparse (gh issue #424).
Initial implementation by @pganssle in gh pr #489 and #622, with a
pre-release fix by @kirit93 (gh issue #546, gh pr #573).
* Moved parser module into parser/ and officially deprecated the use
of several private functions and classes from that module. (gh pr #501,
* Tweaked parser error message to include rejected string format, added by
@pbiering (gh pr #300)
* Add support for parsing bytesarray, reported by @uckelman (gh issue #417)
fixed by @uckelman and @pganssle (gh pr #514)
* Started raising a warning when the parser finds a timezone string that it
cannot construct a tzinfo instance for (rather than succeeding with no
indication of an error). Reported and fixed by @jbrockmendel (gh pr #540)
* Dropped the use of assert in the parser. Fixed by @jbrockmendel (gh pr #502)
* Fixed to assertion logic in parser to support dates like '2015-15-May',
reported and fixed by @jbrockmendel (gh pr #409)
* Fixed IndexError in parser on dates with trailing colons, reported and fixed
by @jbrockmendel (gh pr #420)
* Fixed bug where hours were not validated, leading to improper parse.
by @heappro (gh pr #353), fixed by @jbrockmendel (gh pr #482)
* Fixed problem parsing strings in %b-%Y-%d format. Reported and fixed by
@jbrockmendel (gh pr #481)
* Fixed problem parsing strings in the %d%B%y format. Reported by @asishm
(gh issue #360), fixed by @jbrockmendel (gh pr #483)
* Fixed problem parsing certain unambiguous strings when year <99 (gh pr
Reported by @alexwlchan (gh issue #293).
* Fixed issue with parsing an unambiguous string representation of an
datetime such that if possible the correct value for fold is set. Fixes
issue reported by @JordonPhillips and @pganssle (gh issue #318, #320,
gh pr #517)
* Fixed issue with improper rounding of fractional components. Reported by
@dddmello (gh issue #427), fixed by @m-dz (gh pr #570)
* Performance improvement to parser from removing certain min() calls.
and fixed by @jbrockmendel (gh pr #589)
* Significantly refactored parser code by @jbrockmendel (gh prs #419, #436,
[#490], #498, #539) and @pganssle (gh prs #435, #468)
* Implementated of __hash__ for relativedelta and weekday, reported and fixed
by @mrigor (gh pr #389)
* Implemented __abs__ for relativedelta. Reported by @binnisb and @pferreir
(gh issue #350, pr #472)
* Fixed relativedelta.weeks property getter and setter to work for both
negative and positive values. Reported and fixed by @souliane (gh issue
pr #460)
* Fixed issue where passing whole number floats to the months or years
arguments of the relativedelta constructor would lead to errors during
addition. Reported by @arouanet (gh pr #411), fixed by @lkollar (gh pr #553)
* Added a pre-built tz.UTC object representing UTC (gh pr #497)
* Added a cache to tz.gettz so that by default it will return the same object
for identical inputs. This will change the semantics of certain operations
between datetimes constructed with tzinfo=tz.gettz(...). (gh pr #628)
* Changed the behavior of tz.tzutc to return a singleton (gh pr #497, #504)
* Changed the behavior of tz.tzoffset to return the same object when passed
same inputs, with a corresponding performance improvement (gh pr #504)
same inputs, with a corresponding performance improvement (gh pr #504)
* Changed the behavior of tz.tzstr to return the same object when passed the
same inputs. (gh pr #628)
* Added .instance alternate constructors for tz.tzoffset and tz.tzstr, to
allow the construction of a new instance if desired. (gh pr #628)
* Added the tz.gettz.nocache function to allow explicit retrieval of a new
instance of the relevant tzinfo. (gh pr #628)
* Expand definition of tz.tzlocal equality so that the local zone is allow
equality with tzoffset and tzutc. (gh pr #598)
* Deprecated the idiosyncratic tzstr format mentioned in several examples but
evidently designed exclusively for dateutil, and very likely not used by
any current users. (gh issue #595, gh pr #606)
* Added the tz.resolve_imaginary function, which generates a real date from
an imaginary one, if necessary. Implemented by @Cheukting (gh issue #339,
gh pr #607)
* Fixed issue where the tz.tzstr constructor would erroneously succeed if
passed an invalid value for tzstr. Fixed by @pablogsal (gh issue #259,
gh pr #581)
* Fixed issue with tz.gettz for TZ variables that start with a colon. Reported
and fixed by @lapointexavier (gh pr #601)
* Added a lock to tz.tzical's cache. Reported and fixed by @Unrud (gh pr #430)
* Fixed an issue with fold support on certain Python 3 implementations that
used the pre-3.6 pure Python implementation of datetime.replace, most
notably pypy3 (gh pr #446).
* Added support for VALUE=DATE-TIME for DTSTART in rrulestr. Reported by
(gh issue #401) and fixed by @Unrud (gh pr #429)
* Started enforcing that within VTIMEZONE, the VALUE parameter can only be
omitted or DATE-TIME, per RFC 5545. Reported by @Unrud (gh pr #439)
* Added support for TZID parameter for DTSTART in rrulestr. Reported and
fixed by @ryanpetrello (gh issue #614, gh pr #624)
* Added 'RRULE:' prefix to rrule strings generated by rrule.__str__, in
compliance with the RFC. Reported by @AndrewPashkin (gh issue #86), fixed by
@jarondl and @mlorant (gh pr #450)
* Switched to setuptools_scm for version management, automatically calculating
a version number from the git metadata. Reported by @jreback (gh issue
implemented by @Sulley38 (gh pr #564)
* Switched to use find_packages, and started testing against pip
installed versions of dateutil in CI. Fixed issue with parser import
discovered by @jreback in pandas-dev/pandas#18141. (gh issue #507, pr #509)
* Switched test suite to using pytest (gh pr #495)
* Switched CI over to use tox. Fixed by @gaborbernat (gh pr #549)
* Added a test-only dependency on freezegun. (gh pr #474)
* Reduced number of CI builds on Appveyor. Fixed by @kirit93 (gh issue #529,
gh pr #579)
* Made xfails strict by default, so that an xpass is a failure. (gh pr #567)
* Added a documentation generation stage to tox and CI. (gh pr #568)
* Added an explicit warning when running python explaining how to run
the test suites with pytest. Fixed by @lkollar. (gh issue #544, gh pr #548)
* Added requirements-dev.txt for test dependency management (gh pr #499, #516)
* Fixed code coverage metrics to account for Windows builds (gh pr #526)
* Fixed code coverage metrics to NOT count xfails. Fixed by @gaborbernat
(gh issue #519, gh pr #563)
* Style improvement to zoneinfo.tzfile that was confusing to static type
checkers. Reported and fixed by @quodlibetor (gh pr #485)
* Several unused imports were removed by @jdufresne. (gh pr #486)
* Switched ``isinstance(*, collections.Callable)`` to callable, which is
on all supported Python versions. Implemented by @jdufresne (gh pr #612)
* Added (gh pr #533)
* Added (gh pr #542)
* Corrected metadata to reflect author vs. maintainer, (gh issue
gh pr #538)
* Corrected README to reflect that tests are now run in pytest. Reported and
fixed by @m-dz (gh issue #556, gh pr #557)
* Updated all references to RFC 2445 (iCalendar) to point to RFC 5545. Fixed
by @mariocj89 (gh issue #543, gh pr #555)
* Corrected parse documentation to reflect proper integer offset units,
reported and fixed by @abrugh (gh pr #458)
* Fixed dangling parenthesis in tzoffset documentation (gh pr #461)
* Started including the license file in wheels. Reported and fixed by
@jdufresne (gh pr #476)
* Indendation fixes to parser docstring by @jbrockmendel (gh pr #492)
* Moved many examples from the "examples" documentation into their appropriate
module documentation pages. Fixed by @Tomasz-Kluczkowski and @jakec-github
(gh pr #558, #561)
* Fixed documentation so that the parser.isoparse documentation displays.
Fixed by @alexchamberlain (gh issue #545, gh pr #560)
* Refactored build and release sections and added setup instructions to
CONTRIBUTING. Reported and fixed by @kynan (gh pr #562)
* Cleaned up various dead links in the documentation. (gh pr #602, #608, #618)

==== python-urllib3 ====
Subpackages: python2-urllib3 python3-urllib3

- fix dependency again for passing tests for python 2.x

==== slrn ====
Subpackages: slrn-lang

- Clean up SPEC

==== ucode-intel ====
Version update (20180807 -> 20180807a)

- updated to 20180807a, no change except licensing. (bsc#1104479)

==== yast2-journal ====
Version update (4.1.1 -> 4.1.2)

- Do not crash when changing the filter as a non-root user
- 4.1.2

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