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[opensuse-factory] NVidia-problems with after snapshot 20180524

After installing snapshot 20180524, with kernel 4.16.10-1-default, I can only boot successfully in recovery-mode. When trying to boot kernel 4.16.10-1-default in standard mode, I get no graphical display, only  flashing text, and it is impossible to login.

I have encountered this many times lately (and read the postings on this list about the root cause), but I could always repair it by installing the latest proprietary driver from NVidia, now This time installation of that driver seems to go fine, but after rebooting the result is the same.

In recovery mode, as would be expected, the display settings are not optimal, and I can't use the second display.

Maybe related to this issue: a long time already I get warnings on 'Mesa-dri-nouveau':

WARNING: Nouveau DRI/3D driver selected.

This driver is considered experimental and is known to have issues with
applications that use certain 3D acceleration features of modern
NVIDIA hardware.

Symptoms include application crashes or lockups & crashes of your system's
graphical environment. Older Hardware and less demanding applications may work
just fine and do benefit from the Hardware acceleration features this driver
offers over software emulation.

Use of this driver is especially not recommended for use with the KDE Desktop
Environment or Qt-based Applications.

The hardware vendor potentially offers alternative drivers.

Please click "Accept" if you accept the risks that may come with the
installation of this driver. Choose "Cancel"  to prevent installation
of the driver and use software emulation instead.


But I see no way to circumvent this, aside from accepting the agreement: if I disagree, the whole installation process aborts, instead of simply skipping this driver (which I think I don't need, since I'm on NVidia-drivers).

In the past I tried to uninstall that driver, but that gave so many dependency issues I gave up.

PS1: I didn't install the latest TW-snapshot, because of the perl-issue, reported here already, but I'm not sure if the upgrade to kernel 4.16.11 would help.

PS2: Motherboard is GA-MA770-DS3rev2.0, CPU AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955, GPU GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.
         lsmod reports the nvidia-driver active.

What can I do to get a normal and dual display back?


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