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[opensuse-factory] Leap 15 status update 20171110

Two months after my last status update¹ Leap 15 is almost rolling.
Following SLE 15 I'd like to aim for a release in April.

Current status

- The project builds with only a few unresolvable/failed². Right
now Leap 15 is more or less only the base system from SLE with
GNOME plus KDE though.
- Staging projects are up and working³
- openQA tests the builds⁴. Builds would even be released
automatically if they were more green.
- The leaper bot and update crawler keep Leap 15 in sync with SLE and Factory
- online repos are available on and there are
even installable ISOs (manually released bypassing openQA).

If you followed the links you see lots of red, main reasons are

- yast switched to a new partitioning backing ("storage-ng") which
is not complete yet and some openQA tests are not yet adopted
either. That's why the RAID test fails in staging.
- Pattern or package dependency changes pull in X in a server
install and the minimalX install installs GNOME (boo#1067477).
- The way kiwi files for DVD builds are generated has changed.
Rather than a mechanism built into OBS it's now an external
service (obs-service-product_converter). The scripts around that
are not finished yet⁵, so the DVD lacks packages, supplements are
not handled yet and neither are localization packages. Also,
dropped packages are not yet listed as obsolete in the metadata so
upgrades don't work properly.

Overall Leap 15 doesn't look broken though. Since I know of at least
one person who installed 15 already on his Laptop, I'd call this
Alpha state :-)

Next steps

- Fix the openQA test failures. Means adjust test case and submit
missing packages. Help appreciated with that.
- Submit all packages that were in 42, are still in Factory and
build for 15 from Factory to 15 (up to ~7500 packages). A script will
do that when we're green enough. In order to avoid spamming too much
there will be no explicit maintainer ACK. It will still be possible to
file delete requests afterwards.
- Submit all remaining packages that build for 15 from Factory (up
to ~1700 packages). Same mechanism as with 42. Package resp devel
project maintainers will need to give their ok via reviews in the
submit requests.
- Integrate a new Leap 15 branding. Right now we still have the
Tumbleweed one.
- Maintainers of ports to architectures other than x86_64 may want to
start looking into Leap 15.



(o_ Ludwig Nussel
SUSE Linux GmbH, GF: Felix Imendörffer, Jane Smithard,
Graham Norton, HRB 21284 (AG Nürnberg)
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