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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20171108 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:
kiwi (7.04.32 -> 7.04.38)
krita (3.3.1 ->
pwgen (2.07 -> 2.08)
xdg-desktop-portal-kde (5.11.2 -> 5.11.3)
yast2-auth-client (3.3.17 -> 3.3.18)

=== Details ===

==== btrfsmaintenance ====

- Add btrfsmaintenance-0.3.1-fix-rpm-db-path.patch:
* Change RPM database path to /usr/lib/sysimage/rpm for

==== chrome-gnome-shell ====

- Allow the plugin to be disabled by removing the force-enabled
policy from upstream (boo#1061278).
- Port to python3:
+ BuildRequire python3-base: /usr/bin/python3 is not implicit
available in the buildroot yet.
+ Replace python-requests Requires with python3-requests.
+ Pass -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE to cmake, pointing to
- Drop icon_theme_cache_post/postun scriptlets: no longer needed,
since file triggers hancdle icon cache updates now.
- Add gobject-introspection BuildRequires: allow rpm to find/add
typelib() dependencies.

==== kiwi ====
Version update (7.04.32 -> 7.04.38)
Subpackages: kiwi-desc-isoboot kiwi-desc-netboot kiwi-desc-oemboot
kiwi-desc-vmxboot kiwi-doc kiwi-media-requires kiwi-templates

- v7.04.38 released
- Keep NVMe drivers in the initrd to support systems with the root filesystem
on NVMe devices
- Perl 5.26 compatibility: find .kiwirc explicitly in ./
Since Perl 5.26, "." is no longer part of @INC thus adding it explicitly
to the .kiwirc path.
- v7.04.37 released
- Fixup kiwi-tools requirement
Follow up fix due to the conditional creation of the kiwi-tools
sub package also the requires for the package on the base
package must be conditional. Related to (bsc#1047291)
- v7.04.36 released
- Fix Travis config file
This commit forces Travis to make use of Ubuntu Precise as the
build env, since by default it has been upgraded to Trusty and
some tests were failing due to this change.
- Fix vmdk disk convertion when using LVM
This patch fixes bsc#1059715. Calling 'pvs --noheadings -o vg_name <device>'
is not sufficient to get the volume name and to determine if LVM is being
used, as it could happen that udev events are not yet processed, thus the
<device> is not yet properly mapped. With this patch blkid is being used to
determine if the type of the requested partition is LVM and if so it proceeds
to a polling strategy to call pvs tool until it succeeds. Timeout is set to
30 seconds.
- Return 'string' instead of an object
Commit e75ae3af3588a90db0b6d544fa2f8a7eb866e5e9 changed the returned value
of setupBTRFSSubVolumes to an object resulting in an error to create
the image on btrfs.
- v7.04.35 released
- Fixed grub bootloader setup for ec2 firmware
In ec2 Xen is used but not detected as such by kiwi unless
a domain configuration is provided in the image description.
As this is a regression to the former behavior this patch
makes sure the bootloader setup is appropriate depending
on the firmware set to ec2|ec2hvm (bsc#1049178)
- Do not include any suffix to the displayname value bsc#1029904
If displayname attribute in the description file is used we should
not include any kind of suffix to that value. With this patch
the grub2 menu entry does not include the image type suffix if the
displayname option is used.
Fixes bsc#1029904
- Follow up spec file fix for kiwi-pxeboot build
Build failed due to installed but unpackaged tftpboot files
This commit completes the conditional building of the sub
package kiwi-pxeboot. Related to (bsc#1047291)
- Limit creation of kiwi-pxeboot sub package
Create kiwi-pxeboot package only for openSUSE <= 13.2
and SLE <= SLE12SP2. In any other case the kiwi-pxeboot
package will be provided by the next generation
python-kiwi packages. Related to (bsc#1047291)
- Translated using Weblate (Norwegian Nynorsk)
Currently translated at 3.5% (1 of 28 strings)
- v7.04.34 released
- Limit creation of kiwi-tools sub package
Create kiwi-tools package only for openSUSE <= 13.2
and SLE <= SLE12SP2. In any other case the kiwi-tools
package will be provided by the next generation
python-kiwi packages. Fixes (bsc#1047291)
- Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
Currently translated at 100.0% (28 of 28 strings)
- Translated using Weblate (Danish)
Currently translated at 100.0% (28 of 28 strings)
- Translated using Weblate (Danish)
Currently translated at 100.0% (28 of 28 strings)
- Translated using Weblate (Lithuanian)
Currently translated at 100.0% (28 of 28 strings)
- Translated using Weblate (Lithuanian)
Currently translated at 96.4% (27 of 28 strings)
- Fix baseSystemdCall method, fixes bsc#1041815
This commit fixes the parameters passed to the systemd calls, with
the patch `baseService nfs-server off` can be executed without issues.
- Update README
Link style fixes
- Update README
reference next generation code base and docs
- v7.04.33 released
- Fix spelling of 'processor'
- remove duplicated code
IPADDR is assigned within dhclientImportInfo
Signed-off-by: Dinar Valeev <k0da@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

==== krita ====
Version update (3.3.1 ->
Subpackages: krita-lang

- Update to
* See
* Krita 3.3.1 would read brush presets with textures incorrectly.
This is now fixed.
* Animation: make it possible to render up to a 10,000 frames
* Add a command-line option to start Krita with a new, empty
image: krita --new-image RGBA,8,5000,3000
* Performance: improved caching for effect and selection masks
* Performance: Fix a leak in the smudge brush
* Performance: Improve performance when using the
hardware-accelerated canvas
* Performance, Windows: improve the performance when loading
* Filters: it?s now possible to edit the filter?s settings
directly in the xml that is used to save filter definitions to
.krita files.
* Filters: a new ASC_CDL color balance filter was added, with
Slope, Offset and Power options.
* Crashes: fix a crash that happened when closing a second
document with infinite canvas active
* Layers: Make it possible to copy group layers
* UI: make it possible to use the scroll-wheel to scroll through
patterns when the patterns palette is very narrow.
* UI: Improve drag and drop feedback in the layer panel
* UI: Hide the lock and collapse titlebar icons when a panel is

==== libgda ====
Subpackages: libgda-5_0-4 libgda-5_0-4-lang libgda-5_0-bdb libgda-5_0-sqlite
libgda-ui-5_0-4 libgda-ui-5_0-plugins

- Update libgda-jre9.patch: be compatible with Java 9.*;
javac -version strips trailing 0, so 9.0 is reported as 9,
whereas 9.0.1 is reported as 9.0.1.

==== pwgen ====
Version update (2.07 -> 2.08)

- updated to version 2.08
* Suppress trailing space after the last password
* Make pwgen -s more "secure" for 1 and 2 character passwords
* Fix option parsing of "pwgen --no-capitalize --no-vowels"
* Add new option --remove-chars which removes chars from the set of
characters used to generate passwords
* Add cross-compilation to debian/rules
* Update control and copyright files to point at pwgen at github for
the home directory and primary git repository
- Drop 1 hunk that was fixed upsteam in pwgen-2.06-fdleaks.patch
* merged in df7d8419ee44088eeeb9df92074914a659e90b15
- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
- Use macros more extensively in spec file

==== xdg-desktop-portal-kde ====
Version update (5.11.2 -> 5.11.3)
Subpackages: xdg-desktop-portal-kde-lang

- Update to 5.11.3
* New bugfix release
* For more details please see:
- Changes since 5.11.2:
* Email portal: add support for attachments

==== yast2-auth-client ====
Version update (3.3.17 -> 3.3.18)

- Upgrade to version 3.1.18 to introduce an RNC file that assists in
autoyast XML validation (bsc#1062828).

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