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[opensuse-factory] Next steps for Firefox on TW

I was pinged several times during the last weeks why Firefox is on ESR
on TW and when it will be updated.
As the current round of updates (to 52.3 and 55) is no done it's time to
pick up the discussion again.

People are rightfully asking why we cannot update to latest Firefox on a
rolling distro at least and that is right.

Let me repeat what have been the doubts doing so up to now/recently:
(basically from )

- Firefox requires rust mandatorily now to build and rust needs
presumably updated with every Firefox release in worst case.
I think we (rust maintainer specifally) agreed that this is

- Tumbleweed still supports i586 while Firefox requires SSE2
now (i686) -> This has been adressed meanwhile (took some weeks
to get into Tumbleweed) by building rust to build the i686
toolchain. This somehow leads to the fact that some modern parts of
openSUSE TW will be excluded now for i586 users.
Anyway this blocker is currently resolved.

- (almost) missing NPAPI support:
I know there are quite some people who rely on Java plugins still.
This fact leads to a requirement to add Firefox ESR to TW in parallel.
(Please let me know if you don't think so ;-))

- Firefox 52 and 55 profiles are incompatible (more specific backwards

So to summarize it all leads to the current state and proposal:

- it's technically possible to update MozillaFirefox to 55.0 now
- I will add Firefox ESR as a _new_ package to TW called firefox-esr
(recognize the small inconsistency in naming but MozillaFirefox is
called like that for historical reasons. It provides also "firefox" as
virtual name since many many years.) (still can be discussed)
- the result is that current MozillaFirefox users will be upgraded to
latest version and people who want to stay with ESR need to act.
- there is one main question which I'm a bit undecided still:
How to handle parallel installations? Do we want to allow that?
This will need some patching work since otherwise both will run on the
same profile. That is also the reason why switching between both is
dangerous (remember the incompatible statement above).
There is a technical way to circumvent this (still to be verified) by
changing the profile patch for ESR away from .mozilla to something
else (.mozilla-esr?) but this will be an openSUSE specific thing!

So this would be my proposal but I'm still looking for feedback
especially to the last item.
If possible please keep replies focused to the topic.

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