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Re: [opensuse-factory] Firefox new upgrades for current Opensuse versions - now sticking to ESR?

Am 26.04.2017 um 17:17 schrieb cagsm:
Hello list,

in the past Firefox amonst some other select projects or applications
kind of got upgrades instead of mere updates.

Today or on the updates list I see that Firefox 52 becomes into 52.1.x
ESR instead of 53.

Is this an intentional change of procedure from the past? How come and
where and how has this been discussed and decided. Would like to know
and understand more of these kind of things.

It is intentional because of several reasons. Here is a list of things
led to this decision:

- Firefox requires rust mandatorily now to build
- Firefox removed Gtk2 with FF53; Leap still used Gtk2 builds
(Gtk3 should work but an unexpected change nevertheless)
- Firefox requires updates for mozilla-nss in the same pace
leading to issues like this:
- Firefox 53 dropped NPAPI plugin support for everything but Flash

For the moment all distributions and streams are on 52esr (including
Tumbleweed) for the time being. Many of the things above are probably ok
for Tumbleweed, some won't be for a set of users for quite some time
(e.g. Java plugin support).
How to move on for TW and Leap 42.3 is not decided yet I would say. For
TW it's probably just temporary. One main reason blocking FF53 for TW
currently is that FF53 also dropped i586 support which causes a
technical issue with rust at the moment but also a policy one because TW
is still supposed to support i586.

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