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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20170724 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:
audit (2.5 -> 2.7.7)
audit-secondary (2.5 -> 2.7.7)
gnome-shell (3.24.2 -> 3.24.3)
gtk3 (3.22.16 -> 3.22.17)
java-1_8_0-openjdk ( ->
libdrm (2.4.81 -> 2.4.82)
libgexiv2 (0.10.4 -> 0.10.6)
librsvg (2.40.17 -> 2.40.18)
lz4 (131 -> 1.7.5)
mutter (3.24.3 -> 3.24.4)
publicsuffix (20170622 -> 20170713)
texinfo (6.3 -> 6.4)
vcdimager (0.7.24cvs -> 0.7.24+cvs20170719)

=== Details ===

==== Mesa ====
Subpackages: Mesa-dri-devel Mesa-dri-nouveau Mesa-libEGL-devel Mesa-libEGL1
Mesa-libGL-devel Mesa-libGL1 Mesa-libglapi0 Mesa-libglapi0-32bit Mesa-libva
libOSMesa8 libOSMesa8-32bit libgbm1 libvdpau_nouveau libvdpau_r300
libvdpau_r600 libvdpau_radeonsi libvulkan_radeon libwayland-egl1 libxatracker2

- u_r600-Add-support-for-B5G5R5A1.patch
* Fixes rendercheck tests when X server accelerates using glamor.

==== audit ====
Version update (2.5 -> 2.7.7)
Subpackages: audit-devel libaudit1 libaudit1-32bit libauparse0

- Update to version 2.7.7 release

==== audit-secondary ====
Version update (2.5 -> 2.7.7)

- Update to version 2.7.7. See audit.spec (libaudit1) for upstream
Since commit 6cf57d27 (2.7.4) audit is now started as an non-forking
service (bsc#1042781).
Add config: audit-stop.rules
Refresh patch: audit-allow-manual-stop.patch
Refresh patch: audit-no-gss.patch

==== device-mapper ====
Subpackages: libdevmapper-event1_03 libdevmapper1_03 libdevmapper1_03-32bit

- Require device-mapper-devel rather than recommend. It is really
needed (the .h files are required by the lvm2app and lvm2cmd)

==== gettext-runtime ====
Subpackages: gettext-tools

- Ignore rpm-build's dependency on gettext-tools while building
the -mini variant: before gettext-runtime-mini is built, there is
no provider of this symbol in a bootstrap cycle.

==== gnome-shell ====
Version update (3.24.2 -> 3.24.3)
Subpackages: gnome-shell-browser-plugin gnome-shell-calendar

- Update to version 3.24.3:
+ Bypass proxies for captive portal (bgo#769692).
+ Fix missing icons in freedesktop notifications (bgo#784245).
+ Fix blocked clicks in shutdown dialog (bgo#781738).
+ Implement tablet rings/strips configuration (bgo#782033).
+ Misc. bug fixes: bgo#780215, bgo#782802, bgo#783286,
bgo#784130, bgo#784353, bgo#781471.
+ Updated translations.
- Drop gnome-shell-portalhelper-fixes.patch and
gnome-shell-emulate-click-action.patch: fixed upstream.

==== gtk2 ====
Subpackages: gtk2-data gtk2-devel gtk2-immodule-amharic gtk2-immodule-inuktitut
gtk2-immodule-thai gtk2-immodule-vietnamese gtk2-immodule-xim gtk2-tools
gtk2-tools-32bit libgtk-2_0-0 libgtk-2_0-0-32bit typelib-1_0-Gtk-2_0

- Migrate %icon_theme_cache_post/postun macro from
hicolor-icon-theme to gtk2-tools file triggers. Any package
installing icons below /usr/share/icons will trigger. Each
package will produce the cache for every icon theme being
updated. The same trigger is also added to gtk3-tools, where only
the one owning the current instance of
/usr/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache update-alternatie link actually
executes the update.

==== gtk3 ====
Version update (3.22.16 -> 3.22.17)
Subpackages: gtk3-data gtk3-immodule-amharic gtk3-immodule-inuktitut
gtk3-immodule-thai gtk3-immodule-vietnamese gtk3-immodule-xim gtk3-tools
libgtk-3-0 typelib-1_0-Gtk-3_0

- Update to version 3.22.17:
+ Add native file chooser support for OS X.
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#766517, bgo#781583, bgo#781935, bgo#781936,
bgo#782040, bgo#782325, bgo#784323, bgo#784723, bgo#784888.
+ Updated translations.
- Migrate %icon_theme_cache_post/postun macro from
hicolor-icon-theme to gtk3-tools file triggers. Any package
installing icons below /usr/share/icons will trigger. Each
package will produce the cache for every icon theme being
updated. The same trigger is also added to gtk2-tools, where only
the one owning the current instance of
/usr/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache update-alternative link actually
executes the update.

==== jack ====
Subpackages: libjack-devel libjack0

- Modify jack-fixgcc7.patch in line with upstream.

==== java-1_8_0-openjdk ====
Version update ( ->
Subpackages: java-1_8_0-openjdk-headless

- Upgrade to version jdk8u141 (icedtea 3.5.0)
* Security fixes
- S8163958, CVE-2017-10102, bsc#1049316: Improved garbage
- S8167228: Update to libpng 1.6.28
- S8169209, CVE-2017-10053, bsc#1049305: Improved image
post-processing steps
- S8169392, CVE-2017-10067, bsc#1049306: Additional jar
validation steps
- S8170966, CVE-2017-10081, bsc#1049309: Right parenthesis
- S8171539, CVE-2017-10078, bsc#1049308: Better script
accessibility for JavaScript
- S8172204, CVE-2017-10087, bsc#1049311: Better Thread Pool
- S8172461, CVE-2017-10089, bsc#1049312: Service Registration
- S8172465, CVE-2017-10090, bsc#1049313: Better handling of
channel groups
- S8172469, CVE-2017-10096, bsc#1049314: Transform Transformer
- S8173286, CVE-2017-10101, bsc#1049315: Better reading of text
- S8173697, CVE-2017-10107, bsc#1049318: Less Active
- S8173770, CVE-2017-10074, bsc#1049307: Image conversion
- S8174098, CVE-2017-10110, bsc#1049321: Better image fetching
- S8174105, CVE-2017-10108, bsc#1049319: Better naming
- S8174113, CVE-2017-10109, bsc#1049320: Better sourcing of
- S8174770: Check registry registration location
- S8174873: Improved certificate processing
- S8175106, CVE-2017-10115, bsc#1049324: Higher quality DSA
- S8175110, CVE-2017-10118, bsc#1049326: Higher quality ECDSA
- S8176055: JMX diagnostic improvements
- S8176067, CVE-2017-10116, bsc#1049325: Proper directory
lookup processing
- S8176760, CVE-2017-10135, bsc#1049328: Better handling of
PKCS8 material
- S8178135, CVE-2017-10176, bsc#1049329: Additional elliptic
curve support
- S8179101, CVE-2017-10193, bsc#1049330: Improve algorithm
constraints implementation
- S8179998, CVE-2017-10198, bsc#1049331: Clear certificate
chain connections
- S8181420, CVE-2017-10074, bsc#1049307: PPC: Image conversion
- S8183551, CVE-2017-10074, PR3423, bsc#1049307: AArch64: Image
conversion improvements
- S8184185, CVE-2017-10111, bsc#1049322: Rearrange MethodHandle
- bsc#1049332, CVE-2017-10243: Unspecified vulnerability in
subcomponent JAX-WS
- bsc#1049327, CVE-2017-10125: Unspecified vulnerability in
subcomponent deployment
- bsc#1049323, CVE-2017-10114: Unspecified vulnerability in
subcomponent JavaFX
- bsc#1049317, CVE-2017-10105: Unspecified vulnerability in
subcomponent deployment
- bsc#1049310, CVE-2017-10086: Unspecified vulnerability in
subcomponent JavaFX
* New features
- PR3392, RH1273760: Support using RSAandMGF1 with the SHA hash
algorithms in the PKCS11 provider
* Import of OpenJDK 8 u141 build 15 (bsc#1049302)
- S8139870:
fails for composite types with items of ArrayType
- S8155690: Update libPNG library to the latest up-to-date
- S8159058: SAXParseException when sending soap message
- S8162461: Hang due to JNI up-call made whilst holding JNI
critical lock
- S8163889: [macosx] Can't print from browser on Mac OS X
- S8165231: java.nio.Bits.unaligned() doesn't return true on ppc
- S8165367: Additional tests for JEP 288: Disable SHA-1
- S8173145: Menu is activated after using mnemonic Alt/Key
- S8173207: Upgrade compression library
- S8175251: Failed to load RSA private key from pkcs12
- S8176329: jdeps to detect MR jar file and output a warning
- S8176536: Improved algorithm constraints checking
- S8176731: JCK tests in api/javax_xml/transform/ spec
conformance started failing after 8172469
- S8176769: Remove accidental spec change in jdk8u
- S8177449: (tz) Support tzdata2017b
- S8178996: [macos] JComboBox doesn't display popup in mixed
JavaFX Swing Application on 8u131 and Mac OS 10.12
- S8179014: JFileChooser with Windows look and feel crashes on
win 10
- S8180582: The bind to rmiregistry is rejected by
registryFilter even though registryFilter is set
- S8181591: 8u141 L10n resource file update
- S8181698: Remove and retag 8u141-b12 tag from source
- S8181946: JDK 8 THIRD_PARTY_README - Minor Cleanup
- S8182054: Improve wsdl support
- S8184235: Backout JDK-8173207 from 8u141, 7u151 and higher
updates source base
* Backports
- S8164293, PR3412, RH1459641: HotSpot leaking memory in
long-running requests
- S8175813, PR3394, RH1448880: PPC64: "mbind: Invalid argument"
when -XX:+UseNUMA is used
- S8175887, PR3415: C1 value numbering handling of
Unsafe.get*Volatile is incorrect
- S8179084, PR3409, RH1455694: HotSpot VM fails to start when
AggressiveHeap is set
- S8180048, PR3411, RH1449870: Interned string and symbol table
leak memory during parallel unlinking
- S8181055, PR3394, RH1448880: PPC64: "mbind: Invalid argument"
still seen after 8175813
- S8181419, PR3413, RH1463144: Race in jdwp invoker handling
may lead to crashes or invalid results
* AArch64 port
- S7009641, PR3423: Don't fail VM when CodeCache is full
- S8182581, PR3423: aarch64: fix for crash caused by earlyret
of compiled method
* AArch32 port
- PR3391: Revert PR3385 as -Xshare:dump does appear to work on

==== libdrm ====
Version update (2.4.81 -> 2.4.82)
Subpackages: libdrm-devel libdrm2 libdrm_amdgpu1 libdrm_intel1 libdrm_nouveau2

- Update to version 2.4.82:
+ intel: PCI Ids for S SKU in CFL
+ intel: PCI Ids for H SKU in CFL
+ intel: PCI Ids for U SKU in CFL
+ intel/gen10: Add missed gen10 stuff
+ etnaviv: submit full struct drm_etnaviv_gem_submit
+ amdgpu: sync amdgpu_drm with kernel.
+ drm: update drm.h to latest in drm-next.
+ libdrm: add drm syncobj create/destroy/import/export
+ drm/amdgpu: add syncobj create/destroy/import/export apis
+ drm/amdgpu: add new low overhead command submission API. (v2)
+ amdgpu: add new symbols to tests.
+ Android's major/minor/makedev live in <sys/sysmacros.h>
+ headers: Update drm_fourcc and vc4_drm.h with new VC4 tiling UAPI.
+ headers: sync drm_fourcc.h with airlied/drm-next
+ headers: sync drm_sarea.h with airlied/drm-next
+ tests/amdgpu: rename uvd messages to decode messages
+ tests/amdgpu: separate decode messages
+ tests/amdgpu: move decode sum to common
+ tests/amdgpu: add vcn tests support and sets
+ tests/amdgpu: implement vcn dec unit tests
+ tests/amdgpu: s/uvd_messages.h/decode_messages.h/ in
+ tests/amdgpu: Fix device_id option
+ amdgpu: Add .editorconfig file for amdgpu coding style
+ intel: add GEN10 to IS_9XX.
+ Android: fix missing trailing \
+ intel: Add Cannonlake PCI IDs for U-skus.
+ intel: Add Cannonlake PCI IDs for Y-skus.
+ intel/intel_chipset: Move IS_9XX below IS_GEN10.
+ amdgpu: move asic id table to a separate file
+ Remove redundant memclear

==== libgexiv2 ====
Version update (0.10.4 -> 0.10.6)

- Update to version 0.10.6:
+ Fix missing include file.
+ Add a function to save meta-data in XMP sidecar file.
+ Add a more complete Python test-suite.
+ Fix a potential NULL dereference in _get_comment().
+ Fix compatibility with Exiv2 0.26.
+ Bugs fixed: Coverity issue CID 167853 (gentoo#613778,
bgo#712455, bgo#780709, bgo#782449).
- Changes from version 0.10.5:
+ Fix to also run configure.
+ Generate gtk-doc and various documentation updates.
+ Fix an abort on unhandled Minolta meta-data.
+ Fix compilation issues with shadowing variables in StreamIO.
+ Fix GPS rational calculations if fraction has 0 numerator and
+ Several build cleanups.
+ Add make check to build and run the python tests.
+ Add C tests.
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#723790, bgo#774105, bgo#775249, bgo#776233,
bgo#779089, bgo#779551, rh#1401706.
- Drop libgexiv2-fix-typelib-vapi-install.patch and
get_orientation-Fix-abort-on-Minolta-meta-data.patch, fixed
- Add devel documentation to the file list.

==== librsvg ====
Version update (2.40.17 -> 2.40.18)
Subpackages: gdk-pixbuf-loader-rsvg librsvg-2-2 rsvg-thumbnailer

- Update to version 2.40.18 (boo#1049607, CVE-2017-11464):
+ Fix division-by-zero in the Gaussian blur code (bgo#783835,
boo#1049607, CVE-2017-11464).
+ Fix other cases of division-by-zero on fuzzed SVG files.
+ Don't crash on invalid transformation matrices.
+ Support Visual Studio 2017; generate .pc files for Meson on

==== linux-glibc-devel ====

- BuildIgnore linux-kernel-headers: the symbol will only exist once
the package was built in a bootstrap cycle.
- BuildIgnore gettext-tools: required by rpm-build, but we can
build without it, allowing to shorten a bootstrap cycle.

==== lvm2 ====
Subpackages: liblvm2app2_2 liblvm2cmd2_02

- Require device-mapper-devel rather than recommend. It is really
needed (the .h files are required by the lvm2app and lvm2cmd)

==== lz4 ====
Version update (131 -> 1.7.5)

- Update to new upstrema release 1.7.5 (2017-01-03)
* back to the old version scheme
* lz4hc: new compression levels 10-12
- Remove lz4-soversion.diff (not needed),
lz4-killdate.diff (no longer needed)

==== mutter ====
Version update (3.24.3 -> 3.24.4)
Subpackages: libmutter-0-0 mutter-data

- Update to version 3.24.4:
+ Fix wacom cursor offset on wayland (bgo#784009).
+ Do not throttle motion events on tablet tools (bgo#783535).
+ Handle left-handed mode on pen/eraser devices (bgo#782027).
+ Fix crash when decreasing number of workspaces (bgo#784223,
+ Fix crash when moving across on-adjacent monitors (bgo#783630).
+ Fix window moving/resizing via tablet tools (bgo#777333).
+ Improve stability of tablet plugs/unplugs (bgo#784881).
+ Implement tablet rings/strips configuration (bgo#782033).
+ Support tablet wheel events on wayland (bgo#783716).
+ Misc. bug fixes: bgo#784402, bgo#784867, bgo#781723.
+ Updated translations.
- Add pkgconfig(libudev) BuildRequires: New explicit dependency.

==== pidgin ====
Subpackages: libpurple libpurple-plugin-sametime libpurple-tcl

- Drop dependency over silc-toolkit-devel as we want to remove
it from the distribution

==== polkit-default-privs ====

- polkit-default-privs: adding new realmd action (bsc#1048025)

==== publicsuffix ====
Version update (20170622 -> 20170713)

- Update to version 20170713:
* Add newly delegated ICANN ccTLDs based on 2017-07-10 database (#483)
* Add domain (#476)
* Add domain names to the PSL (#447)
* Add Netlify domains (#469)
* add Nodeart domains (#471)
* Add additional domains (#481)
* Add LiquidNet domains (#452)
* Add NymNom domains (#425)
* Add Sub 6 Limited domains (#462)
* Pull request for adding, and names (#412)

==== rsync ====

- Refresh patch rsync-both-compressions.patch to include
fix when using old-compress on new zlib on server too

==== systemd-presets-branding-openSUSE ====

- Enable ca-certificates to run on boot and on demand to create
database in /var/lib/ca-certificates

==== texinfo ====
Version update (6.3 -> 6.4)
Subpackages: info makeinfo

- Update to version 6.4:
* texi2any:
+ for HTML output, place section names before the manual in page
titles, instead of after them, so it is easier to distinguish pages
if titles are truncated
+ starting points for ordered lists beginning with 0 or a letter of
the alphabet are output as attributes on the <ol> tag, as was
case for Texinfo 4.13 and earlier
+ a bit faster
+ some discrepancies in paragraph formatting between Perl extension
modules and interpreted Perl modules have been fixed
+ `MACRO_BODY_IGNORES_LEADING_SPACE' customization variable removed,
and `indent_menu_descriptions' is no longer a possible value for
`TREE_TRANSFORMATIONS' (as these features did not work as
* info:
+ the `up-line' and `down-line' commands now are like the other
scrolling commands and are no longer confined to a single node
(depending on the value of `scroll-behaviour')
+ supplying the --all option with --index-search displays a list
of matching index entries
+ the style variables like `link-style' can now be set while info
is running
+ display bug fixed where color could be turned off prematurely
+ several other bugs fixed
+ better portability in test suite
+ do not fall back to showing the dir node if a manual isn't found
+ Do not attempt any kind of conversion of CR LF line endings,
except on MS-DOS/Windows, when it is done unconditionally. (This
replaces a more complicated approach, where this conversion would
take place if there was a problem finding a node in a file.) The
main effect of this change is that Info files with CR LF line
endings, which would have been produced on MS-DOS/Windows with old
versions of makeinfo, are only supported on such operating systems.
+ a few of the key bindings under --vi-keys have been changed for
consistency or to match the documentation
* texinfo.tex
+ a DVI file with a single empty page can be output again, which
restores the behavior from Texinfo 6.0 and earlier
- Small packaging clenup:
* Drop conditions for old releases
* Run spec-cleaner
* Run testsuite

==== vcdimager ====
Version update (0.7.24cvs -> 0.7.24+cvs20170719)
Subpackages: libvcdinfo0

- Cleanup the dependencies a bit to cope well with the current
TW state
- Fix infopages install/uninstall
- Redo the cvs tarball and add date of the creation of the tarball
* still one should check next time if there are some changes

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