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[opensuse-factory] updating tumbleweed - best practices
  • From: nicholas <ndcunliffe@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2016 11:16:04 +0100
  • Message-id: <114073511.yHdi9dHPo9@asus>
from experience and looking around forums, how to update tumbleweed correctly
is not obvious, and not clearly presented. The lack of guidence is causing
confusion and problems.

The rest of this post is based on my ASSUMPTION that 'sudo zypper dup --no-
allow-vendor-change' is best practice.

Forums are filled with confusion over the update process e.g.

I have seen other suggestions of (including by forum global moderator) 'zypper
up' mostly, 'zypper dup' occasionally, this is without clarfying to disable
extra repos.

there are also MANY implicit postings of problems suggesting the OP is not
even aware of the issues.

The current update process would appear: non-evident (not communicated,
ambiguous (when to up/dup?), non deterministic (its ok to get out of sync
sometimes?), error prone (new user forgets to disable extra repos), time
consuming mess.

in fact, do zypper up/dup really make sense conceptually or functionally to a
rolling distribution?

The question, IF the 'no allow vendor change' is best practice, should we make
a more accessible command for updating out of the box (i.e. zypper tup/or
other) and should best practices not be better communicated to new users?

- I have 'alias tup=sudo zypper dup --no-allow-vendor-change' in .bashrc
- Is the dup default of allow-vendor-change really required for leap upgrade?

[my own learning curve was quite painful, you should not underestimate the
conceptual overhead to new user of understanding all the zypper ins and outs
regarding 'packages not being updated', 'changing vendor' etc -> your
basically expecting the noob to learn *everything* in order to get a working
and reliable system within the first few months]
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