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[opensuse-factory] Community Release Team for Leap 42.2
Hello everyone,

With the upcoming Leap release the Board is working to help Ludwig
produce the best release ever, or to be honest just better than the
previous one.

We have an established task list of items that needed to be done prior
release of distribution, like Leap 42.1 is here [1].
In the past, these tasks were then distributed among the SUSE employed
openSUSE team which tried to incorporate community and in the end make
sure that everything gets done.

Now things are different. We would like the community to be directly
responsible for ensuring these tasks get carried out. To accomplish
this we intend to create a full team of people taking care about what
needs to be done for the release.
We expect the people in this "Community Release Team" to be the ones
responsible for the tasks in their respective areas of responsibility.
We are not necessarily expecting these people to directly do all the
tasks, but it will be their responsibility that they get done.
They should work towards encouraging more contributors to work with
them on these tasks, if necessary lifting a pitchfork and prod people
to ensure all the tasks are done, or stepping up and doing the tasks
alone as a last resort.

The tasks can generally be split in following areas:
* Marketing
* Design
* Infrastructure
* Documentation
* Translations
* QA

To avoid expanding this mail too much brainstorming/descriptions are
attached in rst formatted file. It is not complete listing of the
tasks, those are mostly in the progress [1] and if anything else happen
to be needed/invented by the guys volunteering to do this it will be

If you are interested on taking the lead on any of these areas and
joining this new "Community Release Team" please let Ludwig and the
board know.


Tom + Rest of the board

= openSUSE release teams

Important teams external to direct release engineering

== Marketing

- Creating and following a marketing plan. The old plan focussed on
new features while Leap is more about stability. Marketing content
is usually found in the wiki.
- Taking care of social media
- Collecting statistics to measure success
- Creating a press release document

== Design

- Making sure all Desktops are consistently branded, Fonts are
correct on all desktops, etc.
- Optional: Making sure look&feel of infrastructure related to the
release is consistent.

== Infrastructure

Making sure criticial infrastructure works as designed and contains
the right data in the crucial phases:

- beans.o.o
- build.o.o
- countdown.o.o
- download.o.o
- mirroring system
- news.o.o
- shop.o.o
- software.o.o
- wiki
- www.o.o

== Documentation

- Keeping release notes, wiki articles, web site content etc related
to the release up to date.

== Translations

- Communicating items to translate to language coordinators. Making
sure important pieces are translated to the main languages.
- Coordinating translations between software translations and wiki
(uses different processes and potentially different teams)

== QA

- Creating a test plan for each milestone and making sure crucial
areas are covered.
- Monitoring bugzilla and escalating important regressions to the
release manager
- Monitoring openQA and fixing issues caused by broken test cases or
engine failures
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