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Re: [opensuse-factory] [Leap 42.1] Found a .doc document that LilbreOffice fails to render correctly. From the administration.
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On 2015-10-23 18:12, Richard Brown wrote:


What on earth is wrong here? It is a technical question, of an issue
that happens in Leap and not in other releases, as far as I know.

Again, a technical issue. Later it turned out that it was caused by a
known bug, that caused a huge corruption in the rpm database and half
installed packages. Now I know how to work around that bug, which was
pointed to me in one of these threads, but at the moment of posting I
did not know.

Again, a technical issue, caused by the same bug as the former,
already reported by someone else.

Why do you object to people asking technical issues in a technical
mail list? Or rather, to *me* asking?

Notice that user questions for Leap in beta/rc phase are to be asked
in the factory mail list, not in the standard mail list.

A technical question about a change in Leap. The information obtained
was helpful and interesting. I don't see the noise there at all.

A technical issue, the same as in the second post of this list of
links. But I did not know at the time.

Same thing.

Technical question, asked in the proper mail list. Got a fast answer.

I can't understand your complain with these posts? They were made in
the proper mail list, one issue per email. Certainly not noise. Some
time later, all of them turned to be caused by the same root issue,
but that was not known initially.

Technical question in the correct mail list.

Information post for those that can do something about it. Absolutely
correct post.

Well, I should have written this differently, yes, but I'm not perfect :-}

I got fast a correct answer/hint from Andrei, and the issue was solved
in three hours.

Then others started complaining that they could not understand the
post. Sorry, my fault for not wording it correctly. Next time will be

Argumentative/Disparagement of other Contributors/Threats of

I see no threat or disparage here. It is a simple statement of facts.
I can not work with such a platform. It is final because I see no way
to get around it.


was not me, or not only me. One contributor found a very bad
issue, and asked (that's the first post of the thread). I was as
surprised as the rest. Several contributors expressed views similar to
mine. I simply was one of the first. Perhaps I talk more than others.
Others sent me private posts, agreeing.

Yet you only have issues against me. Why?

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Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 13.1 x86_64 "Bottle" at Telcontar)
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