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Re: [opensuse-factory] handling COC violations (was: Found a .doc document...)
Carlos E. R. wrote:

If you don't like what other people say, you force them to shut down.

Stop this, Carlos. This is a direct personal attack and hence completely

*I* did not read it as a personal attack. Lest we forget, English is not
Carlos' primary language.

Nobody is telling you to shut up just like that, and you know this. It's
exactly what the ban on the forums was about. And the previous ones.

That's exactly how I read the board message: as Carlos did. A shut up
we don't want to hear you.

Same here.

Honestly, I believe the thread for the reply was ill-chosen. I'm
pretty sure there's a context or thread in which Carlos comes out
argumentative and disruptive, but IMHO, this thread isn't the context.
And since I haven't read the other threads, in my view, it's the board
the one bullying Carlos.

Again I agree, though I can understand disparate interpretations.

Sure, maybe the bug report was misplaced. But the board's reactions,
in isolation, are completely disproportionate.


I see this business of actively keeping it friendly and productive, while
conceptually valid, coming off in practice as misplaced micromanagement,
common fallout in a world in which authoritarian regulation continues to
grow, and freedom continues to erode. IMO, laissez faire is very strongly
preferred policy. If Carlos' _overall_ behavior has truly passed the boundary
between acceptable and unacceptable that warrants banning, I missed it.

I agree that some of Carlos' behavior has pushed the envelope of tolerability
and warrants induced adjustment; but, I also empathize with where I suspect
it's probably coming from. I'm less than thrilled with the way openSUSE has
been evolving, and see a future that holds an ominous prospect of painful
changes, including divorce.
"The wise are known for their understanding, and pleasant
words are persuasive." Proverbs 16:21 (New Living Translation)

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