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Re: [opensuse-factory] Devel Project Virtualization: Not built against Tumbleweed?
* Olaf Hering <olaf@xxxxxxxxx> [03-17-14 05:28]:
On Fri, Mar 14, Patrick Shanahan wrote:

* Stefan Seyfried <stefan.seyfried@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [03-14-14 19:39]:
Am 15.03.2014 00:35, schrieb Patrick Shanahan:

The equate to 13.1 *now*, but when 13.1+ is out, they will not. So

Well, when 13.2 is out, then Virtualization will also get 13.2 enabled.

But the *idea* of Tumbleweed is a semi-tranparent continual version
upgrade and using Tumbleweed repos does not require the <user> to drop one
repo and install another as in *this* case.

If thats the case, you certainly have a point.

But as of today it would mean that all "openSUSE_13.1" repos get dropped
in favor of a "openSUSE_Tumbleweed" repo. And by the time Tumbleweed
builds against the next release (13.2) everything gets a "openSUSE_13.1"
repo, but no "openSUSE_13.2" repo.

No, iiuc, Greg KH determines when openSUSE "Version", 13.2 in the current
case, is palatable and redirects the openSUSE "Current ..." and Tumbleweed
(standard ...) repos to use 13.2 builds. Tumbleweed repos essentially
represent *Current* versions builds. "Or" I misunderstand your statement.

While I can easily adjust Virtualization to burn more OBS and mirroring
resources, its not the call of Virtualization maintainers to make such
decision. Instead some clear guidelines have to be defined and written
down (with reasoning!) how addon repos have to look like.

While *many* packagers appear to have decided on their own to provide
Tumbleweed builds, some packagers have provided Tw builds based on user
requests. I fail to understand the need for guidelines other than
acknowledging user *requests*.

Aside the current conversation, your contributions as a packager are much
appreciated. Thankyou

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