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Re: [opensuse-factory] Devel Project Virtualization: Not built against Tumbleweed?
* Stefan Seyfried <stefan.seyfried@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [03-14-14 19:39]:
Am 15.03.2014 00:35, schrieb Patrick Shanahan:

The equate to 13.1 *now*, but when 13.1+ is out, they will not. So that's

Well, when 13.2 is out, then Virtualization will also get 13.2 enabled.

But the *idea* of Tumbleweed is a semi-tranparent continual version
upgrade and using Tumbleweed repos does not require the <user> to drop one
repo and install another as in *this* case.

BTW, Virtualization/Tumbleweed also wouldn't fit, so what?

But it is built for Tumbleweed and while Greg does not advise it, I have
it and other *designated* Tumbleweed builds integrated into my desktop

But as long as no vital dependencies for the Virtualization packages are
much newer in Tumbleweed, that will not make a difference.

And you have included a limiting parameter. *What* if dependencies *are*

Would you advise adding a 12.3 repo to a 13.1 install or the opposite, as
13.1 repo to a 12.3 install. They both might work, for a while, or not.

No, but Tumbleweed is not 13.2, it is 13.1 plus a few selected updates.

That is correct and it is not "13.1" as you have indicated. It is

This argument can continue ad .... and while *you* are *specifically*
correct, your logic is not as Tumbleweed is intended and will eventually
cause problems, especially for one not understanding.

One may also utilize rpm's from other distros and/or compile from tar-ball
and see no *immediate* problems, but will eventually get bit unless he
possesses the knowledge, ability and resources to solve the problem he

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