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Re: [opensuse-factory] Build system solutions (was Re: Calling for a new openSUSE development model)
On 23.06.2012 08:31, Hendrik Woltersdorf wrote:
Am 23.06.2012 01:39, schrieb Graham Anderson:
On Monday 18 Jun 2012 11:56:57 Michael Schroeder wrote:
What gazillion stat operations? Are you talking about the scheduler?
Speeding up the scheduler doesn't decrease build time,
The source server + scheduler operate well until there's an unexpected
problem. I suspect the code doesn't matter, the architecutre is bad.

having too few packages to build is not a problem we need to solve...
Yet having too many packages seems to be a problem that OBS cannot solve.

About architecture: Last night I had "just an idea"; maybe for the far
future or even impossible...

Anyone remembers SETI@home ?

Could it work, to use the computers of willing community members or
sponsors for OBS build tasks in a way, the SETI@home project uses the
computers of many people and enterprises around the world ?

I have not enough knowledge about the current architecture, to evaluate
this. If it would be necessary to transfer a new virtual machine and ten
thousands of packages for every build task from the server to the
client, that would not work. But if I choose to install at my computer
an appliance for building packages for openSUSE 12.1 x86 or for Fedora
17 x86_64 and get only new/changed source packages for building ?

I think this could work to test updates, i.e. download a snapshot of
factory in a VM and then recompile all sources. But to develop such a
beast would be a huge undertake and then you will find out that only
few people would use that.

But it's basically what happens with samba build farm and perl testers,
etc. pp

Greetings, Stephan

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