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Re: [opensuse-factory] repository priorities with Tumbleweed
Greg KH wrote:
No, please don't confuse people, if you add more repos than just
Tumbleweed you really had better know what you are doing

How am I supposed to "know better what I am doing" if there is:

- no official (SDB) documentation on priorities
(I could add it based on Cristian Vegas forum post:

- no docu on how to use Tumbleweed+Packman in the packman wiki (this is not your problem, I will ask packman to add it)

- almost no docu in the community-wiki:
There is no word about setting priorities which is recommended by you and Cristian Vega WHEN using TW+packman - if I understood right.

Is it legaly possiple to add a link from to the packman-wiki-page and/or the community-wiki-page explaining TW+packman?

Please do not say that you just should not use TW+packman because many bleeding edge users (and most TW users are bleeding edge) just do it rely on packman.

Don't add anything about repo priorities
to, why do that, it just confuses

I am a user (not a developer) and I am confused because of the lack of documentation of features. You cannot overloock that there are priorities in yast/software-management, so you need to know how to use them best or they should be hidden behind an "expert-button" or so, and even then they need documentation. I admit there are 2 centences about priorities in Yast/repo-management if you click "Help", but they do not tell why one would use priorities or how they are used best in which situation.

- user was confused about priorities (+TW)
- user found help in forum+mailinglist
- user wants to give his new knowledge to the community so other users won´t have to dig for the info in forum+mailinglist again the OS community discusses right now if/how to strengthen
Tumbleweed... one way would be, that Packman+TW would be supported
BY Packman.

How do you know that it isn't already supported by packman? Last time I
checked, it was...

What means support here? As I state above, their wiki-guidance on TW is far from complete...

I hope I explained my point of view better this time :D
Thanks for your time - Thomas

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