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[opensuse-factory] Current status of Live CDs
This contribution is not discussing the relative merits of various distributions. It is only reporting on the current state of the Live CDs.

At about 16:00 UTC on June 19, I did an 'osc update' of the Live CD project and used 'osc build' commands to build the resulting Gnome and KDE 64-bit Live CD images.

Both images built without error, and both booted with qemu-kvm. As discussed earlier, neither image will fit on a standard 80 minute/700 MB CD. The KDE version is 738 MiB and the Gnome one is 742 MiB, thus they could be burned to a 90 minute/800 MB blank as long as the user has suitable blanks and burning program.

The Gnome CD boots without problems using the standard 512 MB RAM available with qemu-kvm (no swap space). With no swap space available, the KDE version needs roughly 784 MB (712 MB is not enough).

Although the KDE version will boot with 512 MB and swap space (tested with a VBox VM), the resulting paging makes it really slow. I recommend that the 12.2 Release Notes make the memory requirements clear.

If someone is working on the specs for a lighter-weight LXDE CD, or some other desktop, please let me know. If not, I will try to put together a spec file that will result in a Live system that fits on a 700 MB blank with LibreOffice included.

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