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Re: [opensuse-factory] Calling for a new openSUSE development model
Le vendredi 15 juin 2012, à 06:26 +0200, Stephan Kulow a écrit :
Am 14.06.2012 23:23, schrieb Brian K. White:

But technical everybody can. And esp. the gcc people are doing it
(IIRC Richard is doing it in our internal build service for build power
reasons though)

That still leaves run-time errors. Building does not imply working.

Using factory and then switching to your own branch should be part of
the game, as a matter of fact I hope way more people would use factory
if we are that strict with it.

I actually wonder how much we are testing the packages before pushing
them to Factory, and the effect of devel projects on testing.

Some devel projects try to only push to Factory after the devel project
is tested, but another frequent case is maintainers simply forwarding
the submit requests to Factory. In that case, do we really need a devel
project? It feels like it's the same as simply submitting to Factory
directly, with an additional reviewer. And I'm not saying it's a bad
approach; on the contrary, for many packages, this is largely good

So stepping back a bit, and taking the idea of a :Staging project in
consideration: couldn't we have this :Staging project a devel project
for everything by default? People would branch from there, submit
changes there, etc. We'd have the maintainers of the packages set as
reviewers when the sr is sent to :Staging, so we could have proper
reviews. And for group of packages where people feel a separate devel
project is needed for early testing, we could still have separate devel
projects (branched from :Staging).

(This would obviously not solve the issue where some devel projects are
under-maintained, but at least we won't give the feeling they are


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