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Re: [opensuse-factory] Calling for a new openSUSE development model
On 14.06.2012 14:44, todd rme wrote:

I am not sure I agree with your logic. If all of the current
maintainers won't handle submissions, what makes you think a subset of
them will? If getting submissions accepted is one of the major
bottlenecks, I don't think further tightening that bottleneck will be
beneficial, quite the opposite.

That's why I think we need people in the back bone with "super power" to
keep things rolling - to do peer reviews when there is no one else
available. But that does not collide with what Sascha and Robert say:
if you do a SR and 20 people *could* accept it, it's very frustrating.
If only one guy could, you can more easily believe he just doesn't have
the time. And reality is that for most packages in games or graphics,
all package submissions are ignored because it's "that guy's package",
not mine. But people doing the SR don't know.

I think people should only sign up to be maintainers if they feel some
responsibility to the packages. But I am not sure there is a simple
way to enforce this. Yes, you can limit the number of maintainers.
What happens when you reach the limit on a package while none of the
maintainers are dedicated, and someone who is dedicated tries to step
up. Do you turn them down? Make them jump through hoops to get a
special exception? I don't really see how limiting the number will
help things, rather I think it will serve to turn off people who could
be able to fix these. You could have a policy where maintainers who
aren't contributing enough are removed, but then there is no reason to
have a limit on number as long as they all do what they need.

Currently as far as I am aware you are either a maintainer or you have
to go through a maintainer, which leaves people who want to help a lot
but not enough to really be maintainers either improperly as
maintainers or swamping the maintainers with tons of requests.
Perhaps a solution might be for there to be a second class of users
for packages and projects, maybe "Contributors", who have access
rights to improve the package or project because they make substantial
contribution but are not considered dedicated enough to be
"maintainers". This would help clarify the role of users in the
package and project.
Actually this is already the split between bugowner and maintainer, the
project maintainers are normally only added as fallback maintainer to
the package "bugowner". But what happens in many projects (not in all,
some work great still) is that the project maintainers see so many
requests they are not interested in *right now*, that they tend to
ignore just about everything IMO.

Greetings, Stephan

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