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Re: [opensuse-factory] A modest proposal: Make nomodeset the default for distributions
On 09/12/2011 08:25 PM, Anders Johansson wrote:

As far as I've read, recent versions of the nouveau X driver will refuse to
load if you don't have kms in the nouveau kernel module, so without that you
fall back to either the vesa driver or the nv driver, both of which are rather
boring defaults. If it's needed, I'd suggest having it as a failsafe boot
option, not a default

Yes, vesa and nv are boring, but they do work. In fact, my main machine uses nv and has never run anything else other than nouveau by mistake when I forgot the nomodeset option.

Failsafe does invoke "nomodeset", but the failsafe kernel is not one of the boot options for the KDE Live CD. Yes, you can get vesa from F3, but that takes quite a bit of sophistication on the user's part to get there. I want something that a refugee from Windows, or one of their users that is curious about Linux can use to always get a positive result.


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