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[opensuse-factory] Status update on systemd for Factory (mid July)
Hi all,

it has been two weeks since the latest status, so here is a new update on the
systemd status on Factory :

- nobody has yet tested how install and firstboot reacts with systemd.
We definitively need tests on that and some expertise on how the install
process work to fix it.

- basic support for systemctl in chkconfig and insserv : DONE (waiting review
by maintainer)

- a patch has been submitted to upstream systemd to parse insserv.conf : DONE

- Yast2 support for systemd : need help from people in Yast team

- /usr as a separate partition : the solution is to mount /usr from initramfs.
One of our initramfs guys thinks it can be done
but it needs more investigations. This work would also resolve /usr issues for
sysvinit boot.

- $ALL will not be supported by systemd : opened bug report for the various
users : SuSEfirewall2_setup (bnc#696902), suse-ami-tools (bnc#705502),
stoppreload (not sure it is worth opening a bug, since systemd takes care of
vboxes (bnc#705505)

- X-Interactive support in systemd is not working properly : it would be nice
to get it fixed upstream but nobody is working on it (help welcome of course).
- openvpn and apache2 are both relying on X-Interactive : packages using
systemd ask-password service have been done (available on home:fcrozat:systemd
project), they are waiting testing and review from maintainers.

- startup console is getting mixed up (if you disable quiet) : it is caused by
agetty from latest util-linux package. Fortunately, it is fixed in upstream
git, thanks to Werner Fink, so next upstream release will fix it.

- console keyboard configuration might not be working properly : currently,
systemd is parsing /etc/sysconfig/keyboard but isn't doing all the various (and
sometime scary) commands /etc/init.d/kbd is doing. We need to fix this
(volunteers ? )

- somebody showed me a nice systemd integration in gfxboot, where you will be
able to choose between SysV and systemd (and even direct shell) by using
function keys in graphical grub interface. Look at Factory in a few days !

- I've added some info on how to get some debugging for systemd, on the wiki
(changes are pending review ATM)

- RPM macros are progressing :
* we have a set of initial macros working fine, but after discussing with
some people, we might enhance the suse implementation to automagically handle
legacy initscripts (this part will not be pushed upstream)
* the way to handle migration from sysv initscript to systemd service files
might still need some work. If we could avoid triggers, it would be best
(because we should avoid triggers and with OBS, it is very difficult to get
them working properly)
* macros are still sitting on systemd package but the plan is to move them on
rpm package when they'll be stable enough

In short, things are going in the right direction but we are not done yet and
we really need your help :
either on the issues I mentioned (feel free to say "I want to help on this"
here or on #opensuse-factory) or to do more tests or even to start creating
.service files (but we still need to fix the issues listed

(I'll be off until end of July (which means no systemd hacking, before you ask
;) but it should stop anybody to contribute on systemd ;)

Thanks everybody for your attention.

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat@xxxxxxxx>

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