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Re: [opensuse-factory] mirrorbrain
On 2011/03/28 06:44 (GMT+0200) Carlos E. R. composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

Any suggested URLs explaining generally how to go about finding "regional"
mirrors? Does region generally refer to a continent? Country? Other?

Open in a browser, for example:


Hit the "details" link of any file. That's the info that mirrorbrains
provides, and you can see the list of available mirrors, by country,
continent, and worldwide.

Good to know. I can't recall ever having opened one of those links before.

By the way: if a download doesn't work, it is not mirrorbrain fault, but
zypper or yast. Those programs have enough info to select a mirror, or
several. If one fails, select another one, automatically, till it works.

That behavior is why I started the thread. I know that's how it's _supposed_ to work. It just doesn't here. I edit my repos to use specific mirrors to get around the problem, but every now & then I do a fresh install and forget to make those edits before trying to access repos. Those times remind me the system as I find it is broken.

Lately I've taken to including ipv6.disable=1 on my Grub cmdlines, but I'm not yet convinced what if any impact that's had.

They can create a local black/white list of mirror server to use / not to

Is that something zypper clean clears? I typically clean before running a lengthy dup.
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