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Re: [opensuse-factory] cdrecord licensing is NOT RESOLVED
Am Sonntag 13 Februar 2011 schrieb KaiRo - Robert Kaiser:

Hi,Someone here said that the licensing issues have been resolved.

Could there please be a an opensuse-legal list or such to which we can
expell those discussions and perhaps have one or actual two lawyers on
it instead of us laymen discussing what we think might be?
Are lawyers be involved in real life between our friend and any linux
distributors ?

This is a list for the FACTORY distribution to discuss where it's going,
alert others of news and problems on it, and solve issues in this
development stream of openSUSE.
+1, but development and legal issues _can_ have an impact on distributing
software (libdvdcss et al)

This list is NOT for legal discussions, but those surely should happen
somewhere - not on a development list, though.

Is there a legal list, or if not, can it please be created and those
discussions be moved there?
-100 noone will use such a list because it's much more comfortable to spread
these everlasting, annoying and useless threads on _this_ and other existing
mailing lists.

You're welcome.

Robert Kaiser

For the closing (hopefully) of this and these others "license/legal" threads:

openSUSE doesn't ship our friend's software, right?
so a licensing issue mustn't be RESOLVED.

Noone is forced to use this _not_ _distributed_ software.
So, all having problems _with_ the alternative software have to file a bug
against _the distribution they use_

If the so called maintainer of software created by him but forked in many ways
claims that these forks are not _his_ but others work, he's RIGHT! But noone
should care about this.

Please all, ignore.

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