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Re: [opensuse-factory] yast sw mgmt - Gnome & KDE really different?
  • From: Clayton <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 17:00:03 +0100
  • Message-id: <e29967880911190800vf18a598v302f74f6b78e12e9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Good day Michael :-) all recovered from Orvieto?

       :-) So - Christian helped design it, with Ricardo - that effort
happened mostly in public, AFAIR - as you say in the Wiki. If you had
got involved then you could have changed it.

Yup. I didn't discover it until after it was implemented though.

       So - just to put a stake in the ground; the Qt software management tool
employs an incredibly un-intuitive triple-(or more?) state field in a
tree-view to determine what to do with a package

No argument there. The old QT software manager is not the best
either. That said, when I've dropped openSUSE on unsuspecting new
users and I give them Gnome and KDE to try out (it has been a fairly
even split between them picking KDE or Gnome), the standard comment I
get from them about the GTK software manager usually centers around
variations of WTF? They get horribly lost in the behavior of the
right hand side.. although it may be obvious to those who use it all
the time, new users are baffled trying to sort out what is being
presented there...

The QT one may be horrible in its circular patch, but at least the
simplicity of what is being upgraded and what is being installed is
somewhat clearer to a new user.... or so it seems amongst the people I
help out with their very first attempts at using Linux.

       Perhaps it was not the most constructive feedback :-)

Perhaps not. :-) I was caught out by it though and quite annoyed and
frustrated... trying to do phone support for someone hundreds of KM
away, trying to walk them through software installation... and
couldn't do it anymore since they had opted for Gnome and were caught
up in the GTK interface... They were totally confused by how it
worked. It took me a few tries at it myself... and since I never use
it on my main machine I keep getting caught up by it on my Media
Center (which up until recently was running with Gnome and the GTK
YaST). I always seem to click the wrong things and end up sending it
off to do things I don't want ti to do just yet.

       However - it is easy to test; Garret / Jakub - any chance of a quick
take on the relative merits of the UIs of both the yast2 gtk+ and qt
package selectors - and how we can improve the former ?

I'd like to see loads of improvements in both... ultimately I would
really prefer that the ncurses one be left as it is (it works just
fine over ssh etc.), and on the GUI side we have a single common
interface - something along the lines of what Duncan suggested...
actually this was the argument I unsuccessfully tried to put forth...
a common interface... to simplify documentation, and support. But...
like I said. I was informed on and off list that I was being silly
(other words were used in private emails)... so I dropped it.

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