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Re: [opensuse-factory] Minutes from 2007-03-23 dist meeting
  • From: "M9." <monkey9@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 13:56:23 +0100
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Andreas Jaeger schreef:
> Here are the minutes from yesterday's dist meeting. If you have any
> questions, comments, ideas, please speak up!
> Thanks,
> Andreas
> * Enabling more network services to be NetworkManager aware, e.g. ntp and autofs
> This is in general desired but might need quite large rework for some
> services like autofs that do not handle IP changes properly.
> Proposal: Services should be aware that network goes up/down and
> handle no network (instead of timing out).
> Let's look what can be done for ntp - and later look at other
> services. Note the ntp service is also usefull for machines without
> network (serial DCF77 clock). Right now the dispatcher script sends a
> signal to ntp if the IP address changes but during boot ntp starts
> even if network is not running.
> Suggestion: ntp start script should figure out if NetworkManager is
> running and if it is only start if network is up - otherwise the
> dispatcher script will start it.

This is also a good idea, to make sure things happen as they should...
> AI: Work together on ntp.
> Dial-in support for NetworkManager to support ISDN, Modem, UMTS, 3G
> cards is beeing worked on and should be ready for openSUSE 10.3.
> * Checkin policy for specific projects and how to track them
> Current example is postgresql. This was a question for security
> update of old distributions. The maintenance team grants exceptions
> on a case by case basis, e.g. if the new version just fixes the
> security problem.
> * AppArmor: Move the profiles from our package to their packages
> This would allow easier tracking of changes in packages. On the other
> hand a central place might give some extra review.
> Consensus: If the format is stable enough, we should distribute the
> profiles. Once we do it, we should train the packagers and institure
> some review process for the profiles to maintain a high quality.
> Beside manual page apparmor.d(5) a short documentation for packagers
> in plain english of the format is missed.
> AI: talk to Apparmor folks.
> * Faster booting?
> What can be done here?
> Booting consists of kernel startup, initrd and System V scripts.
> The bootchart scripts do measure the System V scripts but not the
> initial ramdisk.
> Idea: Snapshotting at gdm/kdm time: Write a snapshot and resume at
> the next boot back to this version. This is different from suspend
> to disk.

This looks like a smart idea, suspend to disk sometimes fails, but if it
works, it takes a little less time than a complete boot...(and one is
were one left off..)

> Filesystem fragmentation under Linux is in general not a problem -
> but it is a problem in booting. Therefore measurements have to be
> done on freshly installed systems.
> AI: Generate some bootcharts to show current bottlenecks.
> * Shrink the basepackages (packages always installed for building)
> With todays changes we seem to be able to do a self-contained
> build of base with just 72 source packages (spec files). By heavily
> stripping the set of basepacks of course. And we have side-by-side
> compiles against the openSUSE config to compare logfiles (no differences
> sofar).
> This means that e.g. vim and strace will be removed from the build
> environment. The autobuild team will add options to build to easily
> add debug tools to the tree.
> AI: Show list of packages to autobuild to adjust configs, announce
> changes to opensuse-packaging - and run comparisions of the complete
> system to check that all requirements are met.
> * Email notifications for checkins for not novell addresses
> Package.changes file coming from the build service might contain
> non-Novell email addresses. We decided to not send any autobuild
> emails to those adddresses.
> AI: implement whitelist of domains (currently,
> Andreas

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Have a nice day,

M9. Now, is the only time that exists.

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