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Re: [opensuse-doc] Re: Translation of openSUSE documentation
Hi Alessio,

On 21/06/18 17:59, Alessio Adamo wrote:
the Release Notes are in the same format as the documentation, but
their translation is accomplished via
Do you think it is possible to include also the documentation in Weblate?

Essentially yes, we'd have that option if we finished the PR you found.
Weblate "just" takes PO/POT files, edits them, and commits/pushes them.
The remaining issues are then:
1. generating a POT file with all the translatable strings
2. recombining the translated PO files with the XML content.

Initially, the tools we used for that were unmaintained and buggy.
However, we have since found itstool which is better all around, but we
haven't yet tried applying it to the whole documentation.

I also think (not 100% anymore on this one) Weblate needs a single PO
file per project, so that might be another issue worth investigating.

I have actually found this pull request on github
( but I'm not able to figure
out if it's moving forward or not.

Unfortunately, we (SUSE doc team) somewhat dropped the ball again. :(
I hope we can move it forward once SLE 15 FCS's (mid-July). Otherwise,
you are welcome to contribute to the PR to move it along faster.


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