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Re: [opensuse-doc] openSUSE 13.1 beta1 does not contain any documentations
On Fri, 27 Sep 2013 08:13:09 +0900 Yasuhiko Kamata wrote:


I'm now testing openSUSE 13.1 beta1, but noticed that no
(opensuse-{kvm,manuals,reference..}_$LANG-*.noarch.rpm) found in
repo/oss/suse/noarch directory.


It has been decided to move the openSUSE documentation to ActiveDoc is a new interactive openSUSE
documentation platform where you can not only read the manuals, but
also can edit them in WYSIWYG style.
Compared to sending patches for XML sources, this will make it
much easier for people outside the documentation team to participate
in the openSUSE documentation.
As a consequence, the openSUSE manuals will no longer be maintained
from the XML sources in SVN, but rather directly on ActiveDoc.

on 13.1 we have way more packages than fit on a DVD (image). Therefore
it was decided to drop all manuals except the Start-Up Guide. See
(they will be available for reading online, of course).

Whether these drops also apply to the other distribution formats (e.g.
FTP) IMHO remains subject of discussion. Personally I would appreciate
to have documentation packages for the FTP distribution. It's possible
to export HTML and PDF from ActiveDoc and package these formats.

In OBS side, opensuse-manuals_$LANG (in project "Documentation") was
marked as "broken" ("Files could not be expanded..").

As for the translation, it was our plan to approach the translators
soon in order to discuss on this list how to handle translations. We are
currently trying to figure out how to make the transition for the
translators as easy as possible.

Looks like we should start this discussion now ;-) - Karl and Tomáš,
would you please share what you have found out until now?

Ludwig, would you please subscribe to opensue-doc in order to be able
to follow this discussion?
Everybody: Please keep Ludwig in Cc until he subscribes to this list.


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