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Re: [opensuse-doc] Re: Novell / opensuse documentatie vertalen
Hi Thomas and Frank,

I committed my first xml file.

Thomas Schraitle wrote:
Hi Max,

On Wednesday 27 July 2011 MadMax wrote:
OK - the most important part to begin with is: don't be scared off by
XML source code - it's _much, much easier_ than it seems.

Have you ever written HTML pages with a non WYSIWYG editor or are you
able to understand HTML source code? Writing DocBook XML is almost the
same as writing HTML (The main differences are different tag names and
a bit more structure in DocBook).
I'm not scared easily of a little learning. I can read several
languages, so xml won't be a big problem. Only the implementation of the
dtd and the choice of variables are still puzzling. But I'll learn that
What do you mean by "choice of variables"? From your paragraph I guess you
mean the element names, right?

In my opinion, you don't have to "learn" it in a classical way like a poem.
Usually most element names are self explanatory and can be guessed easily.
It's true, in comparision to HTML are DocBook element names a bit longer;
however, terseness was not a design issue for XML, neither for DocBook. :)
With a good XML editor, this is also not an issue.
I don't mean the element names. I meant things like &instquick and &productname. Where are these defined?

I managed that already (with susedoc) and will continue with daps.
More help will be asked. But I start with translating the<para> text.

I think I make some time coming weekend to submit the first work. I made
the first PDF and it's looking good.
I'm used to usefull messaging when updating work (by example in a wiki).
I hope to continue that with svn.
Sure, it's up to you to give meaningful log messages when you commit your
files. :)

I would recommend to submit your files as often as possible. Small changes are
easier to track and it's easier to revert them if something goes wrong. How
often you submit your files is subject to your personal preference.
I have to get used to "often". I'm used to deliver my work at the end of the job. I try to commit at least when I'm done with an article.

So, to work then! I get do something, makes me excited.
Great! Whenever you need help, just ask.

I'll do.


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