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Re: [opensuse-conference] oSC13 Theme
  • From: Jos Poortvliet <jos@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2013 12:47:04 +0100
  • Message-id: <2108577.cS7ocLPGJf@linux-6upc>
On Tuesday 08 January 2013 14:08:48 Henne Vogelsang wrote:

before we, in the promo team, can get anything done we need a theme and
motto for the conference. It's the starting point for everything: Logo,
website, posters etc.

The motto should reflect what we emphasize at oSC13 and the theme should
reflect how oSC13 will feel. To explain what I mean look at the last
couple of events we held:

* oSC12
Motto: Bootstrapping Awesome. We emphasized bootstrapping a new Linux
event in the Czech republic.
Theme: Urban, Big City, Prague monuments

* Summit 2012
Motto: Engage! Collaborate! Invigorate! Emphasizing the hope to build a
new American openSUSE community.
Theme: Summer, Tropical, Beach

* oSC11
Motto: RWX³. Everyone is able to do everything. We emphasize doing
things together instead of just talking.
Theme: Retro, Old Factory

This wasn't always a very conscious decision so this year I would like
to make it one. What are we going to emphasize this year and how will
oSC13 feel?

My personal suggestion would be:

Motto: Power to the Geeko. A variant of "Power to the People" [1].
Emphasize the empowerment that you so easily get in openSUSE.
Theme: Politics, Greek Democracy, Greece

What do you think?



Based on Bryen's 'clever advice', I thought about the why of this event and
it's importance and what we intend to archieve.

Clearly so did Henne with the 'power to the Geeko'.

But politics is a touchy subject and the empowerment in openSUSE we already
emphasized with the RWX³ conference. Not saying that governance isn't
important but I think we can get there indirectly. So what coud that be?

The thinking about history, the age of thinkers over 2000 years ago in
Greece - that resonates very well with me and clearly with others on this
list.. We're a bunch of forward thinkers, aren't we? It is about
transforming society - the Greek history has formed ours and now technology
and openness (Free Software, Linux) are transforming ours, forming the

As all seem to like 'Power to the Geeko', let's keep that. But let's add
history, replacing politics, and changing the world over empowerment and

Motto: Power to the Geeko. A variant of "Power to the People" [1].
Emphasize how we've got the power to change the word.
Theme: Philosophy, Greek history and thinking, Changing the world.

Brings a more 'deep', grounded, yet global theme, less controversial, yet
very close to the initial proposal we actually, deep inside, all like :D

As you might notice I basically summarized the discussion and took the
conclusion from there...

On a related note. If there's not too much disagreement, let's get this to
any artist we know ASAP. Because really, the MOST urgent thing I can think
of, aside from getting the venue fixed, is *artwork*. We MUST have a logo
and some banners and things as they 'carry' all announcements and marketing
work, as our Social Media team (Zoumpis & diamond_gr) already pointed out
last year.

To help kickstart things I've gone over the list of articles we've created
in the last few years and made a plan for announcements. See

I'm preparing a CfP article and will try to prepare all the articles on that
list and keep them up to date with the info that comes in. That means
artwork (as soon as some is ready), CfP data, speakers etcetera.

Feedback welcome :D

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