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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] GSoC OBS comment system. Plan and Questions.
On 06.06.2013 15:23, Shayon Mukherjee wrote:

During the last days I have, with my mentors, hashed out the plan for my GSOC
project - Building a discussion system for the OBS. I would appreciate your
feedback on what I plan to achieve:

Comment System:
An OBS user can comment on a package and/or on a project. The comment
consists of a title, body, timestamp and user info. The discussion is
threaded, there is a parent comment and there are replies. So a user can
either start a new thread or reply to an existing one. One can also add a
thread as watched.

Notification system :
Each new comment will trigger a notification through the OBS notification
system (hermes).
A user can configure in his hermes settings to get notifications about new
comments for projects/packages where he is maintainer/bugowner. By default
these notifications are enabled.
Another setting is to get notification about “watched threads”. Watched
threads are threads where the user participates in or that he selected to
follow. This setting is also enabled by default.

These are the decisions I would like to get feedback from other OBS
developers on. The most important question for me is: Where do we store the
comment data? I was thinking on the webui database but I’m not sure. Any
feedback is appreciated here.

Hmm, your lines are pretty long ;)

One thing that is very important IMO is having comments on requests -
e.g. having a discussion on why an add_role request is or is not a good

And what would be beneficial in this context is getting notifications if
someone mentions @coolo in a comment, no matter if I'm maintainer there
or not.

BTW: if you want to rely on hermes (like you should), a small warning:
hermes has no default notifications. It would be good to move the
subscriptions to the OBS and remove the build service plugin in hermes
and simply have a global OBS subscribtion there and then have OBS decide
who gets what when.

This of course also implies that OBS needs to render the text.

Greetings, Stephan

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