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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] pear error Parsing of package.xml from file "package.xml" failed only on SLE targets
I'm forwarding Ralf Lang's answer to the list:


There are two possible culprits:

a) You are missing a channel file. Is the Sabredav package from
or from a 3rd party channel?

b) (more likely) the channel.xml demands a newer PEAR release than installed on
SLE targets. Often there is no other reason than the packager used a template.

try patching the string <package packagerversion="1.9.4" to 1.9.1 or another
safe value.

Sometimes there is also a dependency on high <pearinstaller><min>1.9.4</min>


You're stuck if the package actually uses one of these features.
To get around this, in SLES 11 SP2 you can depend on php53-pear rather than
php5-pear and get a newer pear version which should be more suitable.

Am 22.03.12 11:11, schrieb Johannes Weberhofer:

you had this issue a year ago:

I have some packages having the same problem; could you solve that problem?
Does anybody know how to solve such a problem?

For me, the error shows as written here (Project home:weberho:UNSTABLE:php):

+ cd Sabre-1.0.0
+ /usr/bin/pear -d date.timezone=UTC install --nodeps --offline --packagingroot
/var/tmp/php5-pear-sabre-1.0.0-build package.xml
Parsing of package.xml from file "package.xml" failed
Cannot download non-local package "package.xml"
Package "package.xml" is not valid
install failed

Best regards,

Johannes Weberhofer
Weberhofer GmbH, Austria, Vienna
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