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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Re: Namespaces
  • From: Christian Boltz <opensuse@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 21:13:08 +0200
  • Message-id: <200606062113.09172@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Am Dienstag, 6. Juni 2006 19:14 schrieb Michael Schroeder:
> To followup on my own mail, here are the requirements for the
> repository pathes:
> 1) must support arbitrary deep hierarchies for projects
> 2) must support arbitrary deep hierarchies for repositories
> 3) must be collision free
> 4) it should be possible to rsync a project without loading
> down all projects in a lower hierarchy. This is also hard with
> simple slashes, because the KDE/KDE3 also includes KDE/KDE3/AMAROK.

I have two ideas:

a) the way several directories in /etc are done:
KDE - main project
KDE.d/newstuff - sub project "newstuff"
KDE.d/newstuff.d/amarok - sub-sub project "amarok" in "newstuff"

This would forbid (sub)projects named "*.d" - I currently don't know
a project or software that would suffer from this restriction.

Advantage (maybe): project and sub-project are clearly separated

Disadvantage (maybe): project and sub-project live in different
directories, it's harder than b) to mirror them together

b) KDE/_packages - main project
KDE/newstuff/_packages - sub project
KDE/newstuff/amarok/_packages - sub-sub project

This would forbid subprojects named "_packages" - since I don't
think "_packages" is a useful project name, I don't see a problem
here too ;-)

Advantage: you can easily mirror a project with all sub-projects AND
can easily mirror a project without sub-projects (mirror "_packages")
The directory name also looks better ;-)

Disadvantage: one more directory level

BTW: You can replace "_packages" with any other name if you want.
However, you should make sure that it is sorted to the first position
in directory listings (that's one reason for the underscore ;-)

I would prefer b) - IMHO it's a clear advantage if a project and its
sub-projects are grouped in one directory.

That said, everything is bettar than the ":". rsync was already listed
as example, scp isn't any better ("scp KDE:/something target" - does
KDE mean the machine or the directory here?)

Please also avoid other characters that have special meanings in URLs or
the shell (like ?*&+"'[](){};<>| etc.)

Or set up a "BOFH " project to ensure people always use correct shell
quoting ;-) ^
intentional *eg*

> We can still change the design, nothing is set to stone at the
> moment.

But you should at least add a symlink for KDE: and other projects from
supplementary. People were already annoyed after it was moved to the
buildservice - they will _really_ be annoyed if the URL changes
again ;-)
(unfortunately, the namespace discussion came up too late :-( )


Christian Boltz
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configure '--prefix=Auf geht\'s'
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