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[Bug 963496] On HP Netbook: Original SuSE installation DVD and Life USB not recognized, efi files don't work
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  • Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2016 22:06:34 +0000
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--- Comment #5 from Jean-Daniel Dodin <jdd@xxxxxxxxx> ---
Goal: install Leap from the dvd (in fact usb stick)

I worked a lot, with partial result, explained below, sorry to be a bit long.

The grub-efi 32 bits package is available on Tumbleweed. Why on earth is a
package available with no use at all? I guess that the
grub2-i386-efi-2.02~beta2-55.1.i586.rpm is there for some use.

I could extract the grub.efi (32 bits) from this package.

right now, I can navigate from the grub console (I start with the debian dvd,
32 bits uefi) to the openSUSE Leap dvd, but the hybrid structure is a bit
confusing. I just notice (I forgot that) that the kernel name is simply
"linux", not vmlinuz(s).

I can do this because I have two usb ports, I use debian on one and Leap on the

like this I could start the Leap install, choose defaults and the install went

BUT. It of course didn't boot (64 bits grub.efi). I couldn't start it with the
debian dvd, because Debian do not read btrfs :-(

So I had to build my own usb stick with an EFI partition with openSUSE
Tumbleweed 32 bits grub. On this computer, the partition not only must be FAT32
and flagged type 1 (EFI, GPT), but also must be the first one on the stick,
else it's not seen.

Finally I could start my installed Leap with some sort of:

set root=(hd1,gpt6)/@/
linux (hd1,gpt6)/@/boot/vmlinuz nomodeset
initrd (hd1,gpt6)/@/boot/initrd

don't know what is the /@, it's added automatically by the TAB completion and
the system don't boot if omitted.

from the started Leap, I could copy the 32 bits grub to the Leap install (gpt1)
and register it from Windows 10 with easyuefi.

I still have to automate the boot.

Leap runs pretty well on this machine, with the problem (same on debian) than
the screen is rotated 90°, that is in tablet format, when the keyboard and the
touchpad are connected on the long side, so the screen is left turned, very

Bur as long as I have to use framebuffer, I don't think there is a X solution
(rotating works with console only).

so it's possible...

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