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[Bug 773058] non-existent floppy drive enabled in BIOS causes hang while searching for partitions

--- Comment #82 from Scott Couston <secure@xxxxxxxxxxx> 2014-04-06 13:55:00 EST
Jiri/Jeff,et al.
I appreciate you do have the weight of the world on your shoulders at the
moment and swamped doesn't come close to your workload.

Please forgive my intrusion. My interest stems from one of the 8 duplicates
against 13.1 #846001....I see 2 basic issues here

This bug is against 12.3 and on NEEDINFO status!...Correct?????? NO!!!!!
I suppose there are only two major question here!

Has the 13.1 being the released version from
had all the associated problems above in c#79 been fixed, as such, making the
public download version actually installable?


If not I think we either have to back it out or give DUE WARNING for public
download that this release is not a stable installable download to use and just
cop the flack!

Otherwise the NEW bug reports are just going to keep coming and those with X_64
first timers, they will never return to us.

Guys we need a decision on the above! Even little me in OZ is getting hit hard
with local users tell me 13.1 just wont install!....Scott

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openSUSE 13.1 (src): kernel-docs-3.11.10-7.3, kernel-source-3.11.10-7.1,

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