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Re: [opensuse-arm] Re: FOSDEM talk
Alexander Graf - 11:43 25.01.12 wrote:
On 01/24/2012 11:19 AM, Michal Hrusecky wrote:
Michal Hrusecky - 9:20 16.01.12 wrote:

so I went to the mailing list and got slot reserved in the
CrossDistribution Devroom for the openSUSE on ARM talk. According to the
current schedule it looks like it will be on Sunday:

10:30-11:00 Michal Hrusecky: openSUSE on ARM
11:00-12:00 Adrian Schröter: OBS Cross Build

I'm going to prepare some slides, hopefully soon and will post it
here for comments. Although I'm listed in schedule, it definitely
doesn't mean that I want to steal all the attention. IIRC there is
plenty of space on stage :-D My intentions are to make openSUSE ARM port
more famous, hopefully attract more people and do some good introduction
for Adrians talk :-D
Ok, so here is[1] the first draft of slides about what I want to speak
about. I want to mention HP Project Moonshot[2] as well, but haven't
found suitable image so far, so it will be included later. What I wanted
to ask for is some feedback especially what am I missing (especially in
troubles section) or what I have wrong.


armv5te is the thumb enabled variant. We don't do te, but el, which is
w/o thumb IIUC.

Ok, will take that line out, used arch from gcc -v you showed me :-D But
as it doesn't say anything more, I'll just leave it out.


We never used cross compilation. Bootstrapping was done using meego
"hidden behind the walls" needs to have the reasoning on there too. It's
because of security concerns.

Ok, I remembered that there were cross packages in GSoC, haven't realize
that this time it was bootstrapped differently. Never really understood
the security reasons, but will put it in there.


Got exampes for softfp blobs? So far the only gpu we tried to get
running was the imx51 one and that was available as hardfloat i think.

I thought that was the state regarding PowerVR drivers in Panda, at
least that's what I got from discussions.


more _than_


You're missing a slide on kiwi

hmmm, will try to came up with something about kiwi, never used it
myself. Will go through the mailing list...

Many thanks for the feedback and for correcting me!

Michal Hrusecky <Michal@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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