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[opensuse-arm] Factory:ARM Status


I worked this afternoon a bit more on build failures and various other package
build issues. Meanwhile we have over 4200 packages that have succeeded
building, which is almost the complete distribution.

We're so far missing all dependencies behind libwebkit* as it fails to build
for both a compiler bug and then running out of memory during linking later.
We have worked around both issues in libQtWebKit, which succeeds to build, and
the same fixes could be applied to libwebkit. Volunteers are welcome :-)

Some other packages are failing due to general Factory brokenness, like yast2
and its dependencies. Hopefully this will cleanup automatically, but to avoid
running into non-arm-specific issues, I've written a script to ignore build
errors that also happen on openSUSE:Factory. I guess I need to polish that a
bit more and make it pretty print a webpage that people can refer to (not yet

Third, I merged the bits we still need into gcc46 and submitted this to the
devel project. Luckly it got accepted today, so while the overlay is still
there, it hopefully can be removed completely as soon as that version hits
Factory. Looking forward to that!

Also, I noticed that some of the packages were branched for reasons that are
no longer current, so I deleted them. Most prominent example is glibc. Note
this triggers some rebuilds. to have a clean native build, I've triggered a
complete rebuild in the internal copy of openSUSE:Factory:ARM that builds on
native hardware (not on OBS). Hopefully we then find issues that we would
otherwise also run into at some point in the future in OBS. OBS is currently
far too slow to handle a complete rebuild, so I try to let it minimally
rebuild only.

I've also updated hwinfo(1) to work better with native and with qemu, and it
is now good enough to pass yast2-hardware-detection testsuite, which means
that we're one step closer to having yast2 building.

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