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Re: [opensuse] Where to report bad mirrors?
On 11/06/2019 03:20, Per Jessen wrote:
I think we can conclude (with some guessing) -

But ...

It used to be that time of day mattered.
I could CRON a download for the early hours local to wherever and expect that to
be low load, but now the internet has grown and runs 36/9 you can't predict time
in advance as opposed to statistical fluctuations.
And to get ruond those you need more sampling and better predictive algorithms,
not simply a larger, faster pipe to your own site.

I recall back in the hinterland of the 'net, the early 1990s, drawing an analogy
with flushing toilets. They generally have 4" out-pipes to the common drain and
that to the main sewer, which probably also deals with rain run-off from the
street gutters. But the common drain running past the houses is only 6".
that's fine, statistically speaking, but if all 46 houses on the street decide
to flush at the same time ... and perhaps while there is a storm, that is moving
in from the high ground pushing a flood of water ahead into the drainage system

Re call the old saw about drowning in a river of average depth 4 inches?

Yes, statistically speaking, traceroute might tell you stuff about getting to
that server in Hong Kong from Toronto is a fast hop to a router in New York then
a fantastic pipe that goes past the Horn of Africa: just 4 hops, TO to HK!
bB comparison the route to the server in Kosmograd is 9 hops away and 'ping'
says it is four times the delay. But what's the load on the server in HK and
the server in Kosmograd? What's the packet loss rate, not on the route, but
discarded at the end due to lack of buffer space?

There's a lot going on out there that isn't under your control and which you
only have indirect evidence for. of course if you've had to debug
network/server problems or had to deal with overloaded systems or inherited a
badly configured system and had to figure out how to 'optimise' it .... that all
helps with the speculation.

But closer (aka quicker ping, fewer hops) might not mean better performance,
better throughput. I can set up my old Newton 2100 touchpad as a HTTPS server
and make it internet accessible (and I did once just to prove I could), but it
doesn't have much capacity, either in terms of storage or computational power.
But to people who are local to me, such as James Knott, it would "look" like a
great repository since it is just a couple of hops away! That it was always
empty had little to do with matters, eh?

And so to, as far as I'm concerned when I'm updating kernel, photo-stuff and the
like, the local repositories here in Canada are useless to me. Mirrorbrain
sends me to Asia. A more populous part of the world.

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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