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Re: [opensuse] 15.1 LXQt - what camera app/picture viewer
On 06/10/2019 07:46 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
YaST says feh is aimed at console users, so not apparently suited to my
OP meaning of "simple installation" (use by a simpleton, a point&clicker). XV
sounds like its power is likely to overwhelm a point&clicker, but will give
it a

And gphoto2 for camera access.
Ruled out by OP (non-GTK).

The reason I mention gphoto2 is that it is one of the application that handles
phone image access/download (very capable too), feh is the swiss-army-knife of
image viewers. Small, fast, capable. It is a graphical app, but generally
launched from the command line. Traditional Linux interface. Rt-click on the
image brings up the menus -- like icewin/blackbox/fluxbox/etc..) xv is
similar, but probably has a few more toys.

The reason I would sky away from Gwenview, etc.., is they drag a lot of KDE in
to support them. (gwenview may be better than the apps starting with K...) I
never liked loading a 3M app and having 90M of dependencies piled on.

I don't know why non-Gtk should even be an issue. Gtk apps require only the
Gtk libraries (not a bunch of Gnome related dependencies). If you have Gimp
installed, you already have everything you needed. If not, the entire Gtk+2
lib is a little over 6M installed, 9M for Gtk+3. Trivial size.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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