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[opensuse] How to connect two servers through an Ethernet A/B switch and not change the upstream MAC addy?
Hi Folks,

I've got an interesting network configuration problem that I'd
like to run by you all.

At this time I've got a server that connects to a switch at 1GbE
over Cat-6 copper with RJ-45 connections. I don't have admin
rights on the switch and it uses MAC address authentication
to turn on the port.

The server is rather important and contains about 400-TB of
data in multiple RAID-6 arrays.  I've received authorization
to purchase a second "mirror" server to act as a warm spare.
They will have a private 192.168 subnet via second Ethernet
ports, maybe 10GbE, to synchronize the data on a regular
basis between the servers.

What's the best way to hook these up?

I'm thinking of something like an RJ-45 A/B switch to manually
connect one or the other server to the upstream switch.  But
then, it looks like simple switches just pass through the two back
MAC addresses, and I need the A/B switch to present the
same MAC to upstream at all times.  Could I use macchanger
on each of the servers to keep the same MAC presented
through the switch?

Or is there a better way?


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