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[opensuse] Leap 15.1 Installation Experience
Hi Folks,

I just had a "bad" experience while doing a full install of Leap 15.1
from DVD.  I'll relate my trials here just in case others might be
affected too.  I normally like to wait a bit before using a new release,
but some "political" considerations overrode my usual caution.

I've done one full install and maybe six or so upgrades from 15.0
without any unexpected issues.  Nice job, developers!

But this particular desktop was running 42.3, and had been running
well for years since 13.2.  It has an Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 frame
buffer running on an Intel DP55KG mobo with an I7 CPU.

So I installed 15.1 on an available SSD partition formatted with Ext-4.
Things went well until the first boot, when the entire system froze.
Black screen, no flashing lights, nothing.  I was able to successfully
boot with nomodeset, but the display was kind of funky in a number
of different ways.  I added the nvidia repository and the modules
appeared to load after a zypper dup, but it didn't fix the problem.
Further, rpm -qa didn't list the nvidia drivers!  Maybe I was seeing
things?  So I next tried downloading and installing the proprietary
Nvidia binary blob, which also didn't work.  Strange.

Given that the box was working well with 42.3 and earlier, and that
I hadn't seen any issues like this with 15.0, I tried a 15.0 full-install from
DVD and it worked!  I added the nvidia repo and things continued to
work after a zypper dup.  Then, I ran a DVD upgrade, not full install,
to 15.1 and it also worked!  Add the nvidia repo again, and we're all
happy as clams.

Bottom line:  Upgrade to 15.1 from 15.0 worked when a direct
install of 15.1 failed.  I suspect something is going on with the Nvidia
frame buffer.

I was kind of rushed with this install, the user isn't working this week
and I needed to get it ready for his return, or I would have taken more
time document and understand things a bit more.  Maybe next time,
I have a few more identical desktops to work through.

I do notice some lingering bugs in things like kdesvn, coolkey, pam_pkcs11,
and kscreenlocker, but I'll report those in bugzilla.


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