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Re: [opensuse] Where to set the domain name? - Leap 15.1 beta
On 07/05/2019 05.33, Darryl Gregorash wrote:
On 2019-05-06 08:17 PM, Knurpht-openSUSE wrote:
Op dinsdag 7 mei 2019 03:46:30 CEST schreef Darryl Gregorash:
On 2019-05-06 06:21 PM, Knurpht-openSUSE wrote:
As I was saying, it sets that in the /etc/hosts file. Using YaST >
Services > Hostnames. Why insist on working on on something that does not
work, instead of doing it incl. YaST usage in a way that does work. Things
Because Carlos wants to give each machine a fixed hostname, and assign
its IP by DHCP! That should be possible to do without editing a text
file by hand. Things like this are what YaST was designed to do, are
they not?
Yes, but like said, things change. I have a cheap > 12 year old router that
can bind/reserve a fixed IP address to a machine's ethernet interface ( IIRC
on mac address ). Why does it have to be a variable IP address? Even in my
Maybe you should ask that question of Carlos; it's his network. My
response to this is, that is what Carlos wants to do, and I don't see
any reason why he should be disallowed from doing it.

The reason is that I'm testing 15.1 for different scenarios, like for my
laptops, that are not always connected to my LAN. They can connect to
other LANs, or to my phone thether, and in those cases I do not control
the dhcp.

UNIX days ( 1990s, AT&T UNIX System V ) I was tought that a reliable server
should have the same IP address all the time and not rely on a DHCP pool. I
I rather imagine that his server system does have the same IP all the
time; it is the rest of his LAN that he wishes to have dynamic IPs.

Yes. Correct, the main install of the machine uses a fixed IP and runs bind.

But this is a test partition where I want to use automatic network setup.

YaST is not designed to last forever in the same way it started. Networking
What can be configured in the system should be possible to do in YaST,
should it not?
Honestly, I don't see the point.

I have a vague mental image of some Boeing software developer saying the
same thing in response to the question, "How do you turn MCAS off if it
starts to misbehave?"


Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.

(from oS Leap 15.0 x86_64 (Minas Tirith))

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