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Re: [opensuse] Where to set the domain name? - Leap 15.1 beta
On Tuesday, May 7, 2019 4:30:13 AM CDT Dr. Werner Fink wrote:
Even if this is mixed up:

NIS (Network Information Service) != DNS (Domain Name System)

I think the following provides fair clue. It'll give me plenty to read,
anyway. I'd like to see a top down overview that gets into things from this
angle, but I don't think one is available that is in any way current.

I know that entering a domain name in Yast makes leafnode happy.

sgt:~ # fetchnews -vv
leafnode 1.11.11: verbosity level is 2, debugmode is 0
try_lock(timeout=5), fqdn="" connecting to port 80... connected to, reply: 200 connected.

It won't do that if it doesn't get that "fqdn" (from Yast in this case).

The whole stack, or chain, or pile of software involved can get pretty
confusing. For instance, Yast>Network Settings>Hostname/DNS shows "Name Server
1 is Why? Because I entered that in Network Manager's configuration
for a particular interface, and that was done because Sprint DNS munges
entries. It would try to sell me!

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