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Re: [opensuse] color fidelity in format & monitors (was Re: pngquant - PNG compressor)
On 04/05/2019 14.53, L A Walsh wrote:
On 5/4/2019 3:51 AM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
What about 16 bit colors?
16-bit total or 16/channel, since 16/channel is the
next image revolution technology, but it may take alot longer
than 8/channel did to take a hold, because human vision is
limited to seeing 12-13 bits/channel at any 1 time. Over time
with pupil dilation, squinty-eyes and rod-vision, some of
the contrast could take around 20bits, BUT that would never
be useful all at once for unaided human vision -- but would
be good for information storage, and ultra-wide contrast phots
in high def that might be viewed one section at a time -- say in using
textures in rendering 3-D images under different types of
light -- from starlight/moonlight to bright sunlight.

Oh, I did not think much.

8 bit per channel is 24 bit total, and it is 255 shades of each possible

So I guess I meant 16-bit colormap.

Unfortunately those most interested in the finer details
are more likely to have age-reduced contrast as with higher
contrasts resulting in more glare than depth of color. (sigh).

A problem was that the VGA (SVGA?) displays of that the
time could not display 256 levels of gray (or any
single colour), just 64 (with a color map).
Not to mention most home monitors didn't might be
hard pressed to display that contrast -- those probably
more home monitors then than now with LCD's dominating.

While video screens boast 10-12bit color "deep color"
for video playback, I've seen no mass market monitors for
computers and even there, most consumer video cards won't
reproduce them except through video "deep-color" type tech,
with true 10-12 bit cards (at least a few years ago) requiring
Quadro cost cards instead of the higher-performance GTX cards.

I swear, its frickin market fixing to only have/allow
those features in cards with 1/3 perf for triple the price --
just like 10 years ago, you "had" to have a quadro card to use
3D acceleration features in adobe products -- until some people
figured out what file to edit that enabled the GTX cards too and
the restriction was found to be a pricing scam.


Same thing now,
since the GTX cards can repro 10-12 bit for "video screens", but
not higher-res computer monitors...*bleh*. Still that wall may
fall faster than I expect with 4K and 8K content being produced.
There will be pressure to have 10-12bit color on higher res
screens from that end.

I understand 4K means a very large display that doesn't fit into my
sitting room, so I am not going to buy that thing. I have an old style
bookcase with a large opening (48.5*76cm) for the CRT which now holds a
flat display, much larger in surface, but that's it.

Now, if I get rid of the old piano I would have more space. Pity those
things are too heavy to send, LOL.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.

(from openSUSE, Leap 15.1 x86_64 (ssd-test))

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