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Re: [opensuse] MS loves Linux...
On Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 5:14 AM Andrei Borzenkov <arvidjaar@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I cannot say it is obvious how to import existing code and makefiles.

In editor?

We have a hierarchy of source files. There is a top-level Makefile, as
well as Makefiles down the tree. This allows us to rebuild at any
point in the tree, which is very useful during development. In
addition, it does all cross-platform builds at the same time,
automatically. So a library might be rebuilt for Linux, MSWindows (32-
and 64-bit), ARM (Raspberry), or even for odd hardware using, say, the
SDCC compiler. Makefiles sort out all the details. Platforms can be
enabled/disabled as needed.

Importing the source tree was not a problem (I found after my initial
post). Just point VS at the top level, and it goes down the tree.

Moving all the Makefile logic to VS would be a huge undertaking. It is
the same for all other IDE I have mucked around with. I cannot see
what the benefit would be.

I added the subversion extension (we do not use git) and then I saw
the local and remote changes were detected. How well you can use this
information is unexplored.

And yes, I was incorrect about Java. It was late. It is indeed
JavaScript. The startup is referencing something called Electron. It
seemed to be rather stable. And the speed was okay. I'm curious what
environment they are running the JavaScript in.

As to compilers: I think it seems to support GNU, MinGW (for
cross-compiling?), and clang. In addition to the MS tools. I don't
think it expects the MS compiler when run on Linux. I did not get that

Well, I'm headed back in to my friend VIM to do my real work.

Roger Oberholtzer

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