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Re: [opensuse] Anyone in Xemacs interested?
On 10/11/2018 03:08, Marc Chamberlin wrote:
Well I am on the opposite of this fence, I use xemacs all the time, my
fingers are trained to it and I really like the powerful macro
capabilities.. Yes I do wish it had better support but I would vote to
keep it... Sigh... sounds like I am getting too old and probably going
to miss a favorite tool if it gets dropped....

GNU Emacs is 100% as powerful, has better Unicode support, the same
macro language (eLisp) etc.

XEmacs is a competing fork of Emacs. It is *not* the X.11 version of Emacs.

Are you actually using XEmacs, or just normal default GNU Emacs under X?

If the latter, you're fine.

If the former, I suggest you try GNU Emacs and see. If your macros etc.
come across fine, then you will get the benefit of 5+ more years of
development, current patches, etc.

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