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Re: [opensuse] Login weirdness
On 05/11/2018 19:38, Carlos E. R. wrote:

True, but I can't tell any difference.

Depends on the application.

True, I'm sure.

Yes, it will wear up faster, but the alternatives are slow and get on my
nerves... this way I delay purchasing a new computer.

:-) That sort of makes sense.

Although my policy for avoiding buying new computers is to only buy old
computers. It saves me a lot of money... ;-)

Mind: since some kernel version swap became very slow. I think it
happened when going from 13.1 to leap 42.2. I suspect that swap is
"fragmented" (i/o was just few megabytes, while the disk is capable of

I don't think swap _can_ get fragmented... but it's fairly easy to
remove it and re-create it, even on a running system.

I considered it.

I know it sounds crazy, but I think the proof that the idea works is
that it was introduced as standard in Mac OS X as of version 10.9

The OS X implementation is slightly superior, inasmuch as it both
compresses into a swapfile in RAM, then writes the compressed image into
disk swap. In Linux terms it's a combination of ZRAM + ZSwap + ZCache.

The tech is also in Win10:

And in ChromeOS, Android and IBM AIX.

So it's pretty mainstream stuff now. Multicore processors help a lot --
a lot of code is still single-threaded, and with ZRAM, idle cores can be
used to do the compression, while other cores are busy.

I use clamav because I like finding out if I am sent some virus garbage,
mostly intended for Windows, of course.

I appreciate that but it's a high price to pay on a memory-constrained
system, IMHO.

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