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Re: [opensuse] Login weirdness
On 04/11/2018 17:37, Michael Fischer wrote:
In the meantime, I decided (perhaps wisely, given what I just found ^^^ here),
to purchase a replacement (EVO 860 500G) and just install that as a new /home.


That replacement model number looks like an SSD.

Is the old drive an SSD?

This is just IMHO and doubtless others will disagree, but on my own
machines, if I have space for both, I put the OS on an SSD and /home on
a conventional spinning hard disk.

I also use a non-journaling filesystem (usually ext2) and disable atime
to reduce the disk writes to the SSD.

This gives the ideal combination of performance and longevity.

OS binary files are often big, thus the SSD's speed significantly
reduces the loading times, therefore increasing performance.

Config files, in /home/$mydir, are generally pretty small, so they read
quickly anyway.

There are _relatively_ few writes to the OS partition, where I don't
want to wear out the SSD, but lots of writes to the stuff in the home
directory -- where the HD's longer lifespan benefits me.

I find little to no perceptible performance difference between a machine
with OS on SSD and /home on HD, and a machine with everything on SSD.

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