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Re: [opensuse] python question
On 11/1/18 10:11 AM, Michael Fischer wrote:
On Thu, Nov 01, Doug wrote:

On 10/31/2018 05:14 PM, George from the tribe wrote:
I am looking to get started on learning python. Any python programmers
out there?

My number 1 question is, what is your preferred IDE? I am looking at a
medium sized project (for my experience) and I expect I will need some
good troubleshooting tools that also give syntax help.

I have read that Eclipse is a really good IDE for python, even though
it is mostly used for java, and that PyDev adds lots of features to
Eclipse. But there are other recommendations also.

Anyone have any thoughts on what you have used and prefer? Advantages
and disadvantages?

I started to look at Python, but I am turned off by the necessity to
indent scrupulously. I am used to the original BASIC language and Turbo
PASCAL, which I like better than BASIC, since it has

One gets used to it quite quickly. Sort of like folks do with "all the
parentheses" in LISP.

the CASE statement. Is there a version of Python that doesn't require
this nonsense, or is there a Linux Python editor that does this

No, python has no CASE statement.

Install Python 3.{6,7}, pip-install ipython and open the tutorials.


Are the tutorials you are talking about the tutorials available on the web? Or do you mean some specific python tutorials built into the packages that we install?

I am running tumbleweed and python 3.6.5, which came as part of the standard tumbleweed packaging.

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