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Re: [opensuse] Why is this so, Leap 15?
On 25/08/18 18:22, Per Jessen wrote:
Basil Chupin wrote:

My Question (with above in mind) is: why is the following occurring:

copy #1 of Leap 15 does not "Lock Screen" after any time period
because this is how I configured the Settings>System Setings>Power
Screen-locking is not, afaik, affected by power saving settings. Screen
blanking yes, locking no.


copy #2 *insists* on doing the "Lock Screen" rumba after exactly 5
minutesĀ  -- which annoys me very much?

What changed in the final release of Leap 15, and what is needed to be
done to make copy #2 stop kicking-in the annoying "Lock Screen"
Settings->Workspace->Desktop Behaviour->Screen Locking.

THAT'S where the little blighter of a setting is hiding!:-)

Thanks, Per. All's well now...

(I suspect that Leap 15 recognises that it is being installed on a
laptop and not desktop computer and therefore this Lock Screen
kicks-in ...
It does not matter. For most environments, having the screen auto-lock
after a while is a sane default.


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