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Re: [opensuse] install leap 15.0 in 10Gb
On 2018-08-22 4:51 p.m., jdd@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I have 17 remote IMAP accounts, 3 local IMAP accounts with Dovecot and a
IMAP-to-Gmail account.

I've just been though and pursed all the local-storage settings.
anton@main:~> du -Lsh ~/.thunderbird
1.1G /home/anton/.thunderbird

Can I purge 'Crash Reports'?

What I tried (on a other computer), is

presumable this is with thunderbird NOT running :-)

* rename .thunderbird to save it

OK with that.

* launch thunderbird to create defaults, untick sync (as said above), close it

sync? That's as in "update.*" in the config?

* copy only the files in the default folder (the one with random numbers in
name), not the folders.

Please clarify.
I have 133 of those including things like

folderTree-11.json folderTree-24.json folderTree-37.json
folderTree-12.json folderTree-25.json folderTree-38.json
folderTree-13.json folderTree-26.json folderTree-39.json
folderTree-14.json folderTree-27.json folderTree-3.json
folderTree-15.json folderTree-28.json folderTree-40.json
folderTree-16.json folderTree-29.json folderTree-41.json
folderTree-17.json folderTree-2.json folderTree-4.json
folderTree-18.json folderTree-30.json folderTree-5.json
folderTree-19.json folderTree-31.json folderTree-6.json
folderTree-1.json folderTree-32.json folderTree-7.json
folderTree-20.json folderTree-33.json folderTree-8.json
folderTree-21.json folderTree-34.json folderTree-9.json
folderTree-22.json folderTree-35.json folderTree.json
folderTree-23.json folderTree-36.json folderTree-10.json

and a few other sequenced file names.

I only lose he subscribed forums in nntp, but not the server config and it was
easy to fix.

I can live without those and without IRC. Thre's probably a nicer ORC reader
then TB. It was just so easy to set up TB. Hmm, I'll need to find my ID and
password somewhere ...

after (new) first start the .thunbderbird size is way under 1Gb, hope it stay
(excluding local folder)

I suppose failing all else you can move .thunderbird-saved back.

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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